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That bomb i gotcha he'd yerevan say saying yard yeah that would have been a fifty yard you know touchdown uh that's right chased daniel to brand new komen an and eefje beat lattimore were six seven yards so good for brand nicole because we need help to step up big big receiver and we needed to be that solid three in and i'm glad corey fuller nebanon his heels that'll make him better so a lot of competition right now when you look behind michael thomas a willie snead that being a brand new komen an accord a full us all want to give it to him and atlanta it on to fail hey you know what would that i do wrong by technique because all of a sudden you gotta be by six seven yards it's not like ted gin junior blowing by you i mean is brandon komen who is really a big possession in receiver he's not noted for visby like a get junior would be are like our brandin cooks last year right so he had that that'll help have also get better we look today filmon and holly got beat uh that being lattimore when he observed that play a bobby defencerelated day or who stood out the most on a defense is that under the minutes of side dig a is gonna 'cause i gave him the most votes i'm going to give it to a like uh unsung hero or a player that nobody knows again adjusted zimmer that name as a tag off of various state who came out what a couple of sex and and also a nice run fit a stuff a good run a defensive stop so adjusted zimmer uh he's out his famous a jake lattmann as forests saints fans welfare state but uh i'm going to going to give it to justin serrat often bob does anybody to sex on a practice that yes there anything now now you might say we second drew brees i don't know he he's taking advantage of his rhett you know whether it's a ryan and at nasa dinner at a quarterback outta syracuse or know whoever he's going against but the bottom line is that he did uh you know get back there and get a sag in um and also had at a big a run stop of defence with the pads on i would take a found time out and they will come back a now put it a.

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