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With your working with people in academia uber genetic adamia like you know like christina backed me up a little sluggish theory if your check people you drop the occasional half of young wedding chairs right uh but i don't feel like that's the case bracketing emma right am i will it kind of depends on on the department weirdly enough some departments are way morris wearing friendly also um faculty are more likely to be okay with it lake especially in the humanities humanities faculty can probably do whatever you want but like when it comes to staff or like a business school business schools and i know this because i worked at one for four five between four and five years they're the day take themselves very seriously right okay so you would advise care said the word tomorrow world will dream up reappeared inter who if they're like mostly from the humanities than properly of business schools were adults a jailed for our juba aghbash does not noticed of snowden is unfortunately not your of this week are recorded a day early so hello walk the rocket i were out a will arm a democrat canada congress and a software engineer a join today by christine award who is a senior konta manager at microsoft i get that right christina dead you dead wow all it's like simone saying it every week just urging them to my mind and we're also joined here this week by jessica dennis at just got wish official yet governor xiao when you're not guest hosting for rocket like secca what's what is up.

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