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To best seller TV. I'm Taryn Winter. Brill, We're here with Mark Victor Hansen. He is the author of You Have a book in You Make money with your story, Mark. It's great to have you with us. There is the book in you and all of us. Look, everybody has got a book in him and, you know, traveled everyone around the world. Talk to 7007 Million people in 80 countries and people whisper I got a story and me And when we did the chicken soup thing every time Jack and I'd talk for three hours of three days. Your three minutes, somebody and say, Well, I got a story. Can I tell you my story and we writers fast We could. We didn't have transcription and telephone jet, But every one of us got a story and it needs to be told that needs to be shared. It needs to be preserved. That needs to be archived. It need to be all those things and it needs between the pages of the book because books will live based on I never said this before. But based on Alexandria, which I'm studying right now, the oldest library, the guy who you know, Alexander, the great created a brand new illumination. There you go. There you go. But I do want to say you. You kind of touched upon it for anybody out there who doesn't know we It's truly an honor to be chatting with you. Because if there's anyone to believe that, you know you have a book in You make money money with your story. You're the guy to talk to because you were the co author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul, Syriza. Um, over 500 million copies sold 254 books in print just related to the chicken soup for the soul. So quite an accomplishment. I mean, before we get into this book, I'm sure a lot of people want to know. Did you ever in your wildest dreams? Thank you Had that much chicken soup in you. This chicken soup empire would have come from what started with your co author Jack and I got together. We're talking the 6000 people at a conference called Mandala. He talked way in the morning and I'm talking late at night, and I'm putting everything away after I'd signed hundreds and hundreds of books are self published at the time. And so is Jack Dr Canfield and he comes up said I'm Jack Canfield. I said Dr Kimble, I'm a fan of yours. I read your book, 100 Ways Self Stephen Classroom. Well, we had a Vulcan mind meld. He said. I've never heard anyone tell stories like you do that. We don't do it. It's a look long story short after we wrote it for three years in a row, just cause we wear, really Stumbling to get the right formula and we said Ultimately, the formula had seven little recall discernment or the the curbs on our highway like a headache on instantaneous behavioral change it had caused goose bumps. Got bombs chilly months, I'd go over all of them. Yeah. And then I wrote all the goals. Objection. I don't know. We're gonna sell one or a million. I said that. Let me do it because I'm the gold setting Master here. I had everything I ever wanted. Written it. Seen it visualized it realized it. And and so we did a million and a half a year and a half. And then we wrote that we'll do five million, which we had 144 publishers also hit the road, Jack, if you know that old story and I said it's okay. I'm joking now. But if you don't like Jack, but I'm a nice guy. Jackson. What's wrong Mark? Right, 14 and easy one of the greatest guys in the world's. The point is Set those goals, not knowing whether we could do it and you know, then I kept expanding them because it really did work. And like you said, we did everything like we did Chicken soup for the teenage owner publisher that you guys have blown it this time. Nobody's gonna buy that. I got teenagers of my CDs, concert tickets and closed When I get my kids 50 bucks. I say when I get home what happened, he said the mall aid. It's good. We sold 19 million the first year and we bloodied up with Nickelodeon and had 12,000 kids read all this. Story. Jack and I wrote which we thought were all tens and the kids it now get that story out here. So we had on Lee stories that resonated with kids. We're talking about preteens and teens. Here's an important cove in 19 school system Update for your local area. If you're concerned about your child's education, please pay close attention to this message. The current school systems were not set up for at home learning. If you're worried that your child may not be getting the grades, they need to get ahead, maybe losing self confidence or you're worried about them getting into a good college because of their.

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