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Now Owen, four on the season. We're gonna get used to Russell Westbrook with these triple doubles. But it's the losing that kind of overshadows the individual accomplishments. He had 21 points. 15 boards, 11 assists. Bradley be like 29 points $2 for 10 to 20 off the bench with some old wizards torching there old teams like Thomas so Deron Ski Otto Porter. Also getting in the mix was following four on Year, though. Place those bulls again on Thursday night back at two capital honoring a college ball number. 24 Virginia Tech edges Miami 80 78 former washing quarterback Dwayne Haskins reported goes unclaimed on waivers. So he is a free agent. But I would guess he will be signed in the offseason if the team is willing to take a risk on the former first round traffic out of Ohio State, and I'm pretty sure that he will get another shot. Well, Alex Smith get another shot at starting quarterback for Washington. We should know more tomorrow. Row with practice as Washington gets ready for Philadelphia and that's Sunday night game from the city of Brotherly Love. Steelers coach Mike Thomas, saying that Ben Rogers Burger will not play this weekend against the Browns. So Mason Rudolph gets to start. Brown's can make the playoffs with a win on Sunday. And how about the master's tournament, delaying its ticketing process for the 21 championship as it seeks a way to allow some Spectators to return for the first major of the year. In Wizards fall 1 15 1 of seven of the Bulls, Frankie and Randi PCO, be sports. And coming up on w T. O P President Trump once again turns to to the Supreme Court for help with election results. Another story we're following tonight. The Louisville, Kentucky Police Department taking steps.

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