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Tech guy Be in our chat room. One of our regulars says My Mac Pro is dying. What do I do? Oh, that's a tough one. Because you don't want to buy the New Mac Pro. It's very expensive. And its Intel, which you know in the long run. Intel's not not gonna be Around much longer for Max. You know they they're all moving to the apple Silicon. Rumor is on the Mac Pro That Apple and it'll be probably I don't know if it'll be this year. Maybe 2022. But Apple will do New Mac pros based on its own chips. The apple silicon They will be. Very interesting chips. I'm gonna predict. Maybe as much as 64 cores. They'll be big sane these these chips, But the rumors interesting. Apple recognizing that a lot of pros we talk to somebody last week who you know, uses. Audio editing software that requires the canteen morning we won't even work on Big Sur requires the previous version of Mac OS 10 and will not work on anything but Intel. And you know for that person If you're using pro tools, you pretty much wanted Intel Mac Pro and you want to keep running that for some time so apple, the rumor is will make him Mac pro running on Intel. But it will also make a Mac pro with this new apple silicon ship, But it will be as half the size. It will be many me. Because These chips are so efficient they don't need is the power supplies. The cooling everything is simpler. You could run a little and I would love a little cute little That the beautiful Mac pros, it looked like cheese greatest giant. She's giant cheese graters. And they're really expensive. But they're beautiful. I could, but I don't need one. I didn't buy one, obviously, but Might buy a little many one BA cute half size to answer your question might be. You're kind of stuck because none of this is gonna happen. So late this year at the earliest. So now the question is, What do you get? Do you want to get I would not get if you need it. It's me. That's the power of a Mac Pro would not get one of the current and one Macintoshes. Those air really, fairly low end. I mean, I love it. It's fast. Some respects faster than the high end Mac pros. But I would say, probably in May, or maybe even sooner. Maybe even as early as March, Apple will release even faster ones higher and Mac books and even there's a rumor. A redesigned I Max sometime in the first half of this year. So Wait is long as you can, I guess. Depends what you need to do, it said. There's a tough one. If you if you're desperate. Now that's a tough one. 88 88 ask Leo. John's on the line from Nashville, Tennessee. Hello, John will see you in New York. Oh, you have 80 S C r. You're one of the markets were Nationals. One of the markets where they're doing 80 s C three, huh? Except for to network TV on NBC. All the other major. One. Delicious around 3.0 This This is next Gen. T V. A. T. S C is the standard for over the air Broadcasting. So the broadcasters who are still doing antennas and over the air broadcasting are looking with jealous interests at what people are doing over the Internet. Trying to save their businesses. So they've got this new 80 s C. 3.0. That does a lot of new things. What's what's going on? What's not working Well for one load or 234? No. And all of the great for knows any reporting on the first one, and I don't know what it is. I don't either. Welcome to the world of the early adopter. Yeah, we don't even a most of the country. We don't even have broadcasters using this new standard. So you get to be a guinea pig. If there's anybody listening and knows about 80 s C 3.0, and maybe why it wouldn't work with his DVR why the DVR reverts. The 1.0. Um you know the DVR. You're using his design for a T s c three. I take it home. Run four k. Oh, I love those. Yeah, Yeah, I'm a big fan of the silicon dust. Um, I wonder if the file format you're getting is incompatible or This is a call clearly a call the silicon dust and say, Hey, dudes. What's the deal with 80 s? C? 3.0? I don't know anything about it because Like, you know, Zalmay distant far out their radar. You're this is always why being in early adopters tricky. On the other hand, it's also part of the reason. I'm bet you why you do this, right, John, you like to be the late have the latest and greatest and Play with this stuff and So I'm not. I really don't know the answer. I don't know the answer. I am not. I have to say having spent some time talking with people from Sinclair. They're gonna launch 80 S C on their broadcast stations. A T F c three. I am not overly impressed with it. It is one of those Yeah, we're going to try to keep up. I mean, you h D is the biggest deal. Um, four k right? You got a four k h d home run recorder. So it should handle it. But maybe you can't decode it as four came in. This is early days early days. Anybody knows 88 88 ask Leo. You can also after the fact you can go to our website, tech guy labs dot com.

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