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His talk here go dot com America is talking to investors, and he's got to be pleased with the crowd is just on his feet here used to send around a boy with Gary Cole bombing comes highly recommended. You're gonna feel better if you talked. Oh, and what once again to investors edge. Thanks for being with us today again. This is the educational show on their markets to this is the second part of two days. We are doing this show in mid August. We think it's AP proposed because we've had 10 years where we really have not had a bear market because of central banks, and maybe we get closer. Maybe not. So we just finished talking to about how bull markets are made of. Greed froth speculation. Bear markets of based on fear. But also despair. In a loss of hope. Remember, we're winding our way through the bear market. 5% down. We're good. 10% adds happen before 15 20 Joe. I thought you told me we only be a small correction. Well, then you get worse. Before we go there. Of bull markets are about ridiculous valuations. Guess what happens in bear markets. As the curtain comes down. Evaluation goes to the norm. Real bear markets. Evaluation will go. Two way under valuation. Prices you could not believe. And even though finally, you realize Damn! These things are undervalued. Keep going lower in price. Because you're in a bear. A real bear. And you're now have some stocks down 50. 60 70 while the major indices it down, 30 35. And it's a that point. You can't lose any more. And then so many people are actually selling here. Because of loss of hope and despair. Now some people say screw it. I don't care if it goes to zero. But others have toe Half this do something about their wealth. Since they did not know the characteristics of cops and bear markets. Just get me out. Just get me out. Which gets us closer. For the last legs. Of the bear market, it is despair. It's where On TV Now the same people that we're telling you Everything's fine down. 5% are telling you the end of the world's in hand. Without naming names back in the despair of 0708. A certain very famous pundit who was bullish all the way down and calling bottom's all the way down. Told you to be out of the market for the next five years and within a month markets bottoms. But if you were savvy enough If you were smart enough if you have a great eye and you studied enough You were out way in advance and you'd have to deal with that despair. Which is a characteristic Of late stages of a bear market. Back in await. I went to the bank and took out cash. We got so worried. So these great leading stocks That everybody had to own and got so over owned by the big institutional crowd..

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