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Maher show in a moment all right joining me now as promised from the athletic by friend Lindsay Jones Lindsay. How are you surviving quarantine as well as we can drop down three year? Old is an adventure well. Nfl teams are going to be going undergoing an adventurous in. I know it seems like it shouldn't be harder to draft over as call than teach children. But here's where we are the. Nfl is struggling with the technology. They have to deal with in advance of twenty twenty draft so to give them a little bit of help. I thought it made sense for you and I to go back and reject just the first half of the first round of the twenty thousand nine hundred to prove that you can still do it without having thousands of people in a room or underneath the blasio fountains. Yeah I think I think we can handle it. I mean we're on the phone. We've got our computer. I think I think these guys are going to be okay. And they're all of these concerns except for a little bit with the IT technical security issues. But otherwise I think they're going to be fine. I mean I think at least thirty general managers are going to be fine. A couple of teams. I'm a little concerned about but I think the majority of faculty five I think mostly fine except they'll be one team not even like the giants pick but they'll be one team that just like their Internet connection will stall and they'll be stuck with twenty five minutes here so I'll give an example my prediction of a team that something is going to happen. It's the Broncos because we've got John elway on a conference call Kind of wrapping up free agency a week or two ago and it's like he was calling from Mars almost no reception. You couldn't hear anything Franken's PR was fantastic and went back and re asked him the question but it was. It was a little rough so given given that the issue you had with his cell phone affection at his home and their history with issues with the fax machine. They're they're my ticket struggle with technology. I forgot about the fax machine situation. Oh man or Elvis Doer Ville. Fortunately I don't think there'll be any taxes involved with the draft so that should help but you know I think they're my wildcard team for a club that might have some issues with technology like that. I'm excited I'm more excited for this draft than any draft in recent memory. But like I said today we're going to go back to twenty nineteen the first half of the first round and we are going to redraft. The I sixteen picks of that round to see what's changed over the course of the year last year. We all felt really confident that the guy has taken at the top of the draft where the best players now. Not so much. I have some players from later rounds. Poppy into the top sixteen here. There are some players who could be you know. Go from being sixth or seventh round picks to possibly being first rhinos. All looking at here in this first sixteen player discussion so Linzie. You're the guest. Let's start with you. Let's start first overall pick. Who Do you have going to the Arizona cardinals but the first pick well? I think this one's going to start off kind of boring because I think they made the right pick. I think even with hindsight Kylo Murray was the pick then and he should still be the pick now For everything that they were doing Philisophical with the coaching staff. That they haven't played I think it was the right move and if they were doing it again today I think he would still be there guy. I mean I guess the one you know sliding doors type of universe thing is if they decided that they could work with Josh Rosen and then they dropped Nick Botha but I think it's Cuyler I. I have a really hard time making an argument for anybody other than Cuyler Murray. Yeah I think it's both sides and I think I'm happy picking Cuyler here for the cardinals interesting. Because it wasn't like he had a spectacular season you know but but the offense did work wasn't like it was a disaster by any means but I don't know I mean what do you think. Do you think if you had to grade. Tyler's first year. It exceed your expectations that it meet your expectations was below your expectations. Where did it kind of fall? Yeah I think I think it's somewhat exceeded my expectations. I mean I think my my expectations for the cardinals overall was pretty low. Just based on the talent level across the roster a lot of the defensive deficiences they had I had a lot of questions about their offensive line But I think it works. It worked. Well you know and I think that they're going to try a lot of things there in Arizona. That might take a little bit of time to work in the NFL. But I'm excited that they're doing it. I'm excited that there's some new innovation But we're that there's a college or an. Nfl coach was such a heavy college. Background was trying things and doing things that most teams are not. So He's the right guy for that coach with Clusky Very And I'm just. It's been really exciting to watch this off season of them continuing you know. I I guess my my my thing is that I. I always just WanNa see a coach. General Manager Organizational Philosophy completely in line with who their quarterback is and who. You're going to be very clearly know who Arizona cardinals are and what their offense of identity is and you know for me that means it's working jack. I think that's fair to say And I do think that we're GONNA see a lot this year from Calamari. I think if if he has you know kind of an okay year. And you're too. I think you might be a little concerned after they did at Hopkins the Second Year of the system. They have Kenyan drake for a full year. Hopefully the offensive line isn't going to be quite as bad as it was two years ago. And it's still a lot of struggles last year but I think he's he's well positioned to kind of take that leap in near to that you would hope for the second overall pick I mean. Is there any reason to anybody but Nick Bosa now? There's not I think for every other team on this list. I have multiple options except for the niners. I just. I think it's so clear that nick both Is the right guy for them and just go back and watch basically all of their postseason games. He was a monster. And you know it's crazy that I just back in August being worried about him because he you know. He hurt his hamstring. I think the first day of training camp and missed a couple of weeks and said Oh. Is this guy going to be injury prone and then here he is like you know rising off the field like the undertaker in a in a playoff game and he very if the niners had won the Super Bowl. You could have made an argument that he should have been the. Mvp of that game Can we get here that postseason? I mean he's only GonNa get better he's GonNa Pass. Joey Bosa pretty quickly. I think as the Alpha male and not family He Yeah I. He's so good and the niners. It's unbelievable to me that the niners got him. It's still pretty crazy. That with the all the other high tech's that they were able to have over the last couple of years but you know they accidentally tanked twenty eighteen. We're able to get joey or get Nick Bosa. Do you think that t? J. Watt has passed. Jj Watt at the Alpha male with a family. Now I don't think so really yet give him a couple years sow just to do what was pretty good last year. He was very good last year. Then JJ got a couple of days. You've got a couple of defensive player of the year awards though that is true. You know. He's still has. He's still a ways to go but They had a family versus. The family would be a really fun. Reality shows that we have this summer. When there's a sport. Are you listening? May I hope so? I really hope so case. Let the first depicts. I think are pretty obvious. And you know you could have gone those with the first overall pick. I wouldn't have blamed you. I think Murray's the guy for me it seems to be the guy for you but I could absolutely been Bosa I maybe that changes things around. But here's where I think it's interesting because now we have the jets with the third overall. Pick they chose Quinton Williams gwyn Williams had a pretty anonymous and he's not even in the top sixteen for me When it came to this redraft I think he's going to be a fine player. We just he didn't show anything in the year one on a team that show anything really as a whole for most of two thousand nineteen. So who do you have the jets taking with the third overall selection? So I'M GONNA have the jets thing with defense but I'm having them go with Outside linebacker Josh Allen Okay. I think it's the best the best rookie pass. Rusher outside of Nick both Last year he was really really effective for the JAGS. I think he could fit kind of any any scheme and I would love to see him there with With the jets with some of those other places that they have in place and they really need that kind of like yes closed her. They need that kind of guy to be. Couldn't really was not that guy for them. So you know of the guys that was available You know I really liked Josh Allen and I think you know. He was a hypic already. I mean. He went seventh last year. But I think if we're rebuilding this that you know maybe some of the questions that chain about him. I think were unfounded. You know they can some of those like well. How much does he love? Football kind of questions and I think it's clear that he wind loves football and to he really really really good player and we'll probably be a good player for a long time. So that's where I'm going with the jets at number three. So let me ask you now be questioned that will rain for years to come in the NFL. If all thirty two teams got to pick between Josh Alma quarterback and John Edge rusher. How many are choosing the quarterback? And how many inches in the address? I mean probably more of them are gonNA choose the quarterback because teams. They're just so enamored with quarterbacks especially big tall white quarterbacks really strong arms so I you know I probably teens the way that they are constructed now and the decision makers that in place would probably still go quarterback but Maybe like twenty twelve twenty for the quarterback twelve for the pass rusher. I think that's fair. And I mean Josh Allen. The quarterback had a good year so yard out of the question. This could be a real dynasty for two players with the name. I think we're going back to the Alex Smith. Who is the tight end with the bucks as far as high profile quarterback and I profile player at the position with the same name so an exciting? How we had the Josh Allen Guarantee here in Denver with the two Brandon Marshall. Oh that's very confusing for a while. Even though they never played in Denver at the same time but it was pretty confusing and and still is confusing for largely for the linebacker brandon. Marlon gets more of the the messages that are intended for the receiver but Yeah actor that's funny so here my third pick for the jets..

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