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Beach Golf links which will get to in a second This golf season New Hampshire Vodka. The official vodka of Barstool sports would like you to make. Any hole on the course in nineteen hundred everyone knows there's nothing better than enjoying it well-made transfusion true during around, and now you have a chance to win free golf gear for you and your friends for doing it all. You GotTa do from July fifth through September thirtieth. Take Picture. Take a photo of your new Amsterdam. Vodka Transfusion Tag Hashtag nineteen poll contest you're going to. To get a chance to win a transfusion barstool new Amsterdam Vodka merch pack for you and your friends or Tumblers Golf Polo Golf tile glassware putter cover in much more all. You gotTA. Do you find more details? Inter by heading to Barstool sports dot com slash nineteen poll contests that simple barstool sports dot com slash nineteenth hole. Contests were GONNA. Be Picking winners every single. Single Week that's twelve total winners so every week. Make sure you get your bottle in new Amsterdam. Vodka and your own transfusion mix. Go together perfectly. An inter- the sweepstakes Amsterdam distills. It's five times uses only the finest quality grains from America's heartland, resulting in a premium vodka with unparalleled smoothness. It's been filtered three times for a clean crisp finish new answering vodka the. The official vodka of Barstool sports once again from now from July, fifth actually through September thirtieth US take photo united vodka transfusion tag nineteenth hole contest. That's a Hashtag Hashtag new God. You'RE GONNA. Get a chance to win. The transfusion Barstool new answering merch pack for you and your friends, great story from Pebble one second breaking news before we get to that..

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