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It's a common problem the sign in for as that's what I was saying I'll tell you one thing this coronavirus people people downplay the significance of the coronavirus but it has actually expanded has actually put an end after four decades to rolling stones farewell to so there is that Armonk sign for us one eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two we'll talk about any aspect of this thing you want to talk about also want to get to a little bit of Joe Biden and general Flynn because life does kinda just about go on during this Amanda Blasio this is the guy in New York which is basically if New York City were a country it would be a number six on the most deaths from the coronavirus since we're pretty much it's pretty extraordinary the greater New York area has looked to salute little under the size of the population of Sweden was Sweden's had no lockdowns at Ole life goes on in Sweden Stanley outpost of the western world when normal life goes on and they've had I think it's something like eight hundred deaths where is I made a Blasio's city as a set of what country it would be six on the list of most coveted deaths but Hey he's above about that he's putting his wife on the Charlene McCray he's put his wife on the task force to head the coronavirus racial inequality task force the coronavirus racial inequality tiles Ford's he's appointed his wife to this New York is where is used so at the end of last week Andrew Cuomo breezily flip the bird to so called nonessential workers who wanted to go back to running their businesses he said no you are not a central you don't get to go to work you don't get self worth you don't get human dignity you want Todd building up your business and now it's dead because your business is nonessential who says its nonessential commissar Cuomo have decreed that it's non essential so you all non essential Fred Smith but on the other hand made a Blasio's Mrs is completely essential which is wonder why she's been appointed to head the coronavirus racial inequality task force even if you think that we need a a racial inequality Thomas falls on the coronaviruses no point putting a professional grievance monger on it that's actually the last thing you need again as I said we get more China's own can like us we get more like China so we can actually say things any mall on anything interesting because everyone gets their knickers in a twist about it and that's particularly true when it comes to the variable impact of this disease on people so it is true that in in Detroit for example seventy five percent of the people stricken with this things seventy five percent of the deaths all rights are African American in in Wales I soul a quarter of the deaths or what we call B. A. M. E. which means a black Asian which in the wells context means basically Indian Hindus and Pakistani Muslims and my own minority ethnic and well the whole point about identity politics as you come talk honestly about any of this stuff and might affect some people want affects others I sold Trevor Phillips who's a big it was basically head of the racial equality commission or something over in the UK and he's actually done a rather interesting study because he's black and can get away with it on why the coronaviruses kill tons of blacks but it hasn't killed Muslims and he's actually address some of the reality of that like for example when it when you talk about Muslims off the women of the population I see the women already self isolating anyway they're at home and if they do ever leave the house they must from head to toe and then Muslims wash their hands ritually five times a day for Prez so all the thing is it's eight one now at the stage actually where we should be talking about things like this instead of saying what's gonna have to live with this for the next two three years they've been they've been saying you know it's going to come back in the fold and so then it be with us till next year so maybe we'll think about lifting some of these restrictions in the fall of twenty twenty one if we ever actually did get to that they be telling us about the fall of twenty twenty five all the spring of twenty twenty eight or whatever and so I'd rather they will also planned they I'd rather we actually looked at some of the stuff and learned about it in serious in serious ways for example and even in Florida Florida they're saying some sports can come back but not movies there's no actual evidence of this being spread by movie theaters because there's not a lot unlike some of the evidence to date shows for example that things like singing it was a quiet in all over again well they all stood the socially distance two meters apart which is entirely arbitrary and they sang and Justin singing your projecting more cold feet jobs out to anybody Justin laughing uproariously so why in the movie theaters being closes I'm laughing uproariously because Hollywood comedies a legend and totally on funny now so it's just C. GI battle scenes and lousy chick flicks and nobody's being off Rory S. in a movie theater in that way and there's no evidence of being in a movie theater actually is ever so had one of these super spreads of these things all stole all I'm saying is that we've got the biggest blow ten most overpaid lousy stinking bureaucracy in the wild what should been during the last three months we've got institutions that are supposedly dedicated to this thing like that's stupid rotten corrupt CD so why don't we know more things like this it might actually be the okay to go and see some depressing chick flick when nobody laughs up warriors say that actually why should that be close stop why should that be at an end we knew we should know much more we had overpaid experts said mom this thing looking at this thing for three months now and they go and basically found she and don't tell a doctor boxes stops maybe we could have a factory where nonessential workers can go and make more attractive stops for Dr Bhasin Rita Bucks and we might get a semblance of an economy back just from making Scott for doctor Bucks but why don't we know more they've been on this thing for three months and there was still no reliable specifics.

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