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So it was campa you so when you full teen. Yeah. But you didn't plane flew quite a while by then you'd be playing about seven. Yeah. That's what I started playing piano, seven and had Cusco piano lessons, which was hard because you never wanna practice. You wanna be out playing football and cricket in the summer, but I've managed to do enough to get on and learn alone. And then when I got to fourteen became obsessed with it and it just suddenly played stuff. I heard on the radio on the piano on how can do can hear June rock and play. And that was it. I was of an so. At the end of white festival nine hundred seventy and it was mind blowing has he brought out the modular mood on stage, the sound of that coming through massive and in plain ribbon controller, and it was the right? I think I know what I wanna do after that. I wanna do this. I think I read somewhere that used to practice very diligently just still kind of scene four hours a day drive. My whole family mad because there's little house, and then musical is used to be eight nine hours a day. I supposed to be doing classical practice really work new new tunes of my own. So when I came to leave the lovely man, teaching piano. I don't think he was the best teacher in the world. But he was he would teach you by showing you. So he couldn't explain to you. How would sit the girl, and this is how it should be. And so you learnt by listening to him. And so I said to this isn't working for me. I want to do my own music. I don't be playing dead people's music as great it is to be doing my own thing. And and he just went crazy and begged me not to leave. And he said play me, something you work. And so I sat down and played in one my pieces. I was doing and he begged me to stay in go on the composes course. But my mind had been made up on Blad. I did go a job in a factory back home and start thinking about how was going to do my music. So that was Manchester was studying. Yeah, see some great gigs up there while I was there and played in bands played on the radio to all kinds of experimental things on the radio in the middle of the night of radio Piccadilly under pseudonym because you weren't allowed to do gigs. When you're at college. I was John Howard. We doing Okon things like recruiting stuff on tape than looping it. And then I was playing on top of it. And to get my mate soon to do stuff, and they get complaints. Is this experiments? But he's in the middle of the night between two and six in the one rave yards these listening, but they had to do it because of needle time. So have to live musicians involved in some way. I don't do that anymore. But it was great because we got to have all this fun. I did a piano version of bohemian rhapsody one night two weeks to learn it wasn't a Freddie making panel. You played it live eight two year. Yeah. I was just gonna mention actually because well, you plane just sort of reveals a lot of the kind of deafness view you taught you training which things probably revelation to. Oh, yeah. No. I think there was a lot of people very nervous about me coming out. Yano? I was a synthesis in Sint guys would. One finger. You can do you can just like, but because I've been playing so seven is like breathing and walking for me. But look back on it. Now, it was actually quite a brave thing to do to go out and play solo not play one of the hits are say it was. But it was the song to me that was most appropriate for that event. You know, hope you find it in everything. So that was really why wanted to do it. And I'm really glad I did. I'm really chose that one did freak people out. Brass tickle. Billion people or whatever it was cheese. I was I was absolutely. I was very nervous. Indeed, really, you know, heart rate was dicusss..

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