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On covert relief. The notion here is way we have to act. Now. There's no time for any delay is during a meeting with his economic team, including Treasury chief Janet Yellen, who says Without more help, many more people will lose small businesses and homes. And go hungry and we need toe help those people before the virus is brought on to control. The president's plan is nearly $2 trillion. Some Republicans in Congress want it broken into smaller parts, noting that not all of the $900 billion A relief passed in December has been tapped yet, but Democratic leaders might move to pass it without Bipartisan agreement, New York's governor, just announcing that restaurants in New York City can reopen for indoor dining on Valentine's Day, the only with limited capacity. Meantime, he's facing renewed questions about nursing home deaths. After an investigative report from the state attorney general boxes, Tanya J. Powers has more live. At least in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo address that report that said the number of nursing home deaths could be off by as much as 50%, reiterating that he was following the guidance that had been given to the states from the federal government. The state Department of Health followed federal guidance. CMS and see these see, he says. The state health commissioner says no not per front of not for profit nursing homes were forced to take patients, which he says the report confirms. Yesterday his administration confirmed that thousands more nursing home residents died of code within the state's official tallies had listed Dave Lisa. Thank you, Tanya. A sell off on Wall Street, and it's getting deeper. The Dow is now down 627 points, the NASDAQ and the S and P. Also tumbling over 2%. America is listening to Fox News. This report is sponsored by Compassion. International. Staying Connected Continues with 1061 FM TALK if public schools WOn't REOPEN for in Person Learning the North Carolina General Assembly will get involved Richard Stelling reports a growing number of state lawmakers are pushing for a mandatory return to in person instruction and public schools. Republican Senate leader Phil Berger said yesterday the chamber is working on legislation that would require school district to offer our return of the classroom. For those students who choose it. Most systems began the school year completely virtual, and I've gone back and forth with the hybrid plant since then, due to rising coronavirus cases over the holidays. Governor Roy Cooper encourage school leaders this week to review CDC guidelines on safely re opening but gave no immediate decision on what to do. Some state officials say it's time to turn to the private sector to help with vaccine distribution. State treasure, Dale Falwell told Raleigh's CBS 17. If all else fails, the state should turn to logistical experts in the fast food business. There's nobody that has more knowledge of how distribute products and people are solved yet last night a chick for like I mean, this can't be that complicated. Complicating factor Now, though, it's supply DHHS secretary doctor Mandy Cohen says about 90% of the 1.2 million doses delivered to the states so far. Have been utilized. A new warehouse in the Asheville area could bring more than 350 new jobs to the region. The City Council approved zoning for a distribution center at the site of the former American Income plant. Planning documents are similar to the Amazon facility and Mills River, but a specific company has not been named. The 2021 U. S. A Masters swimming spring nationals and green spur have been postponed. The event was set to take place in April but has been pushed back to summer. Nationals are now scheduled for July. 21st through July 25th at the Greensboro Aquatic Center. With continuing news updates from around the.

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