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Getting over coffee I'm John Wall Christopher Ben Alright and Bert is in the house level setting I what the heck is this thing so Bert stands for Bidirectional encoder representations for essentially up until about a year ago machine learning and AI sense of it so if you typed in for example best marketing podcast hopefully marketing the problem with that approach is it Mrs Nuance once you start getting into more just best marketing podcasts a similar thing like best espresso near Espresso shops so the oldest audience in San this these new models so even if you never utter the word coffee the Algorithm understands that you were talking about allows people to have conversation inquiries and most importantly understands prepositions of modifier for the American Embassy now the query understands the in is a modifier but marketers the big thing is this it means that the idea of optimizing now when we do we have to be thinking about answering questions at contextual hey John what's the best marketing podcast you've listened to you lately right you're probably tent with in order to rank well for the way these work so there's a couple of big takeaways number one title conversation about a topic that may not be in the initial inquiry but are semantically perfect so you're going to need the subject matter experts you're going to need to change your Seo tools and optional for anybody who's doing seo as their thing you must have not anymore yeah it seems like to get your Seo game where it needs to be you're going to have to do some at that oh absolutely content farms you know the five dollar blog that's another thing that's really important because this model can understand text context the document level it's GonNa look and go this is just nonsense you just copied and pasted this it's a crack at your content you're probably going to want to go back through and revise all of that there's actually a full post over at too so you can grab that through the show notes and read more if you roken down by industry having events tied into that but of course it's all in the delivery and the functions because it's just so much better than event prayed for getting into business type stuff so we'll.

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