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Got up and went out, and I covered them. All you put the thermostat up to seventy eight. Lysenko's over and he doesn't stay because you said it's too hot in here. I bet. Sweat lodge. Shorts and flip flops. My husband. He says out on the patio. Former Arizona governor Jan brewer MAC and Gaydos, political insider every Wednesday, let's get to this get out of jail free card that legislators have the Bill for legislative immunity is dead. We had Paul Moseley that guy was driving ninety seven and a fifty five we had Representative David Cook. He was drunk off his rear end. Do you know who I am? I've got legislative immunity. Why are these legislators? Why are they so stupid? Well, I think that most of the legislators are sitting in that building would not do that. I think that they would be totally embarrassed to pull out the immunity card and the bottom line is that it's in the constitution of Arizona. It was put in there during the old cowboy days, but it also protects the legislators from what I understood that. Habits legislators being sued for actions and decisions that they make in course of their governing. But that was always my impression, but the majority of the legislators, they don't do it. And it doesn't prohibit prosecution. It doesn't prohibit that. I mean, they can make instill prosecute you. Ninety seven miles an hour down that freeway, the cops an attitude that they're gonna get arrested. If you're going to be driving drunk, you're going to get arrested. I remember when I was in the house of representatives. There was a rural legislator. They got arrested. And they would let them come out to vote on the floor and then taken back to jail. Oh, really? Eighty two or eighty three you know, nobody in the right mind that is an elected official would tell a law enforcement officer. I've got legislative immunity. I mean, I was the officer either a right on the spot. I think most people don't want to humiliate their body that they serve in by saying, I'm a legislator elected by the people of Arizona. And this is how I asked former governor of Arizona MAC and Gaydos, political insider, Jan brewer joins us as she does every Wednesday. But aren't you disappointed that it didn't even get out of committee? I mean, even the governor said, you know, what it's time has come. We don't need it anymore. This is an antiquated law. Get it out. And it didn't even get out of committee. Now, they look like, yeah, we're gonna keep it because we want to get out of free jail. Call you look bad. Yeah. Well, he must have a reason for it. Because it could become a three ring circus down there in regards to something like this. Because I don't know if everybody really is read the constitution and how it's worded in there. And I did at one time. But I can't remember it clearly, but I do remember sitting and orientation and that coming up, and we thought well that that makes sense. But of course, are not above the law. Maybe the speaker decided that he didn't want to have a circus going on if the public wants to do away with it. You know, it's it's in the constitution. You can put it on the ballot. Even if they pass the Bill would have to go on the ballot for election to coming up. They might not want that on the ballot at the same time because all of the election rhetoric, but altered into legislative immunity. I mean as speaker Doris president you have an obligation to protect your members. I mean that's their job. And I think that's probably what a speaker. Ours is doing former Arizona governor Jan brewer joins us yesterday. Governor Ducey joined us for his monthly exclusive interview, he said the families at hacienda healthcare want it to stay open. Governor is that a good enough reason for it to stay open mic and understand families. Not wanting to move their fragile loved ones into facilities because they do deserve the very best care. They're very vulnerable. It just breaks your heart. You know, if they have changed administration and people in charge over there and put it in oversight of different kinds of things. I think that the families are are happy with that. Then then then it's okay, I do, but as a governor d- still take into consideration the families, and what they want or do you just say look the research on the investigation that we've done it needs to be shut down. Facility it stop. It needs to be shut down. They need to weed out. All the terrible people that are creating and doing terrible things and they have site. Right. We read about the situation over there. I mean, it was out of control. That's what Doug Ducey said that he said, I want a new board of directors. I want a new CEO the facility itself does a good job in their hardworking people there, but the climate that was set I guess by the board of directors and the CEO that has to be removed, but the facility will probably stay open, and I can agree with that. I can't there's not a lot of at this level that can absorb all these people former Arizona governor, Jan brewer joins us MAC and Gaydos, political insider every Wednesday, Joe Thomas who is Education Association president, I think he's a total fool. He doesn't talk to teachers. He doesn't really know what? Teachers in Arizona are thinking he came out and ran his mouth today that you know, what maybe there will be a second read for Ed walkout over school funding. How would a second Arizona teacher walkout look. Well, I don't think it would look good. The bottom line is is that there's legislation in the legislature. Current may. To address some of those issues and then go down, and they can testify but the eight then save our school organizations by understanding. They haven't weighed in they we've made neutral, and as far as John Joe Thomas, you know, he's out there, you know, creating work for himself and the name, and I don't know the teachers that are listening to him or not. But I think they should be awful careful about walking out moving our kids without teachers again, they won that first battle. But dick continue down that could be very detrimental to our schools and for our children and for the families there could be a next time around. All right, MAC and Gaydos, political insider and the former governor of Arizona, make sure you protect your plants governor, it's gonna get cold outside. Thank you. I will. All right. Because always remember coming up tomorrow. It will be an ABC from team weather action day, that's a friend iris ceremony. And she is warning us. So make sure you're ready for tomorrow. What are we what are we doing? It will be an ABC fifteen weather action day. I don't know. But it's going to be bad. Doesn't mean stay inside. Call in sick storm. I might not come in. All right. Does it mean bring an umbrella? I don't know what it means means bad down the hatches, man. Do you even understand what Batten down the hatches is? Yeah, it's an old nautical phrase. Do you remember where it's fun? No. I do know this. We've got traffic with detour Dan, we've got news with Becky Lynn. And we're going to end the show with something with the call pop quiz. Okay. So are you? You're listening at home on the app in the car. Are you ready for a pop quiz, MAC and Gaydos? We've talked about the news for three hours and forty five minutes. But now it's time for us to quiz. You about the news six zero two two seven seven KTAR you call us now. We'll pop quiz. We've got a prize to right. I think we do actually. Yeah. All right. We'll tell you about that. In a second to seven seven KTAR. It's time for a pop quiz coming up next drive..

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