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From npr news weekdays starting at four on wnyc this is the takeaway i'm tansy nevada and today marks the fiftieth anniversary of the death of presidential candidate and attorney general robert f kennedy but years before his father's death and before the death of his uncle president john f kennedy robert f kennedy jr lived the charmed life of american political royalty he joined us recently to talk about it are on grew up you know it was satellite white house many of the great battles at the kennedy administration were orchestrated from there are home was filled his cabinet officials civil rights leaders but also with soviet spy is was cia spa is his cuban real us on the bay of pigs invasion and then of course there's all the cultural leaders in the movie stars and astronauts and athletes are all part of a circus at hickory hill hickory hill was the kennedy family home located just outside of the nation's capital mclean virginia but despite the family's popularity the kennedys also had a troubled relationship with the central intelligence agency which was run at the time by allen dulles the as longest serving director to date my uncle president kennedy came into office he already had a variant agonised relationship with always and i'll actually arranged the emerging the congolese leader patrice lumumba days before my uncle took off because he knew that my uncle would not allow has begun on the dictator ship of castro the pigs invasion occurred two months later my uncle said during that invasion that he wanted to take a and sh ateret into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds and a fired allen dulles our general and he fired richard all three top leaders of the clandestine service is robert kennedy son told me his father shared a similar disdain for the cia my father a week but for eight and he was killed it was clear that he had a very good chance of ending up in the white house and he started thinking about governance i've at one of the first things that he was gonna do when he became president was to remove the clandestine services from the cia and continued to maintain a antipathy toward my family that went up into.

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