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In that you could take power welcome back welcome back ladies and gentlemen we're back is what you wanted. King Mellow show. See where this one is gonNA TAKE US man I. I'm pretty sure we'RE GONNA go down some interesting avenues with this particular show But Kanalelo truly impress me. Men in a Obviously I was always a Kennel fan but I didn't expect would I got to witness and Happy that I was there to catch. Live live and if you watch Canelo Alvarez you was to him brutally brutally brutally clinically knock out one of the world's top light heavyweights He was a Titlis. It's up to you to call him a champion pinner not. I'm not here to debate that at all. I'm not here to let you know he was the best in that division. Maybe at one point in time still in all I made. Did it my duty to to interview anyone that I could and ask them their thoughts on anyone else at sixty one sixty. Who else could do that? Who else could jump up in weight and defeat Kovalev now before the fight? I was Axon. My interviewees you know who can do this. Who could get to win? I never once asked those guys you know. Could whoever they pick. If if that be a Charles the Laura and Andre Reid. Did they think that those guys could get the stoppage over over left that was never even discussed but now that is the topic of conversation right PEOPLE WANNA call Kovalev. Cherry people WANNA call. Oh Him old they wanNA call him done. Why no one pick charl or Andre aid or Gennady to do this and those that did did not pick by stoppage? Did Not say they would pick they would win my staff which I think it was I believe I think it was Chris Mannix maybe this sat down with us and and You know and I think chromatic sat down with us and he said you know Andre could possibly do it stinking out the joint. If I'm not mistaken was the words that he used Obviously Andrei Mora. Who else someone else might've picked Andre to be able to possibly do this but not many not many you know especially socially not via knockout? That is important. The knockout you know Because people they're trying to diminish what Canal Alvarez has done they're trying to be little what it is that he did Moving up to way classes. We seen gene Cable Rosado move up one way class and not be able to do this versus Gennady Lufkin. Then we've seen Calbert move up two-way classes and not be able to do this versus Connecticut. Lufkin we seem calm. Move up two-way classes weight class and a half whatever and not be able to do it versus Camello we see. Mikey move up two weight classes and not be able to do it versus Earl Spence. So people are scratching their heads. They're like well. How did this do knockout Kovolev but not triple G or Daniel Jacobs? I think it was the shot for me. It was the shot because I never thought that canola would get the knockout but it was the perfectly placed shot and everything became before it see that left Hook right there. If you're watching on youtube the left hook is really what what started everything. It was an equilibrium shop. Had caught him behind the ear her and it set them up to land the right hand when Cannella wanted because if you could see he holds the right hand until he throws it Now obviously I didn't watch any thing but I'm hearing from my viewers and listeners Do Jack might have or might not have said that he felt it was a dive in and I think there is an internet internet. Bit Of Internet chatter that this could be perceived as a dive. I think that's disrespectful. This respectful By Do Jack is a boxer so he has eased within his right. You know he will be able to deal deal with that with Kovolev on a personal level But as far as us. I don't think that we should be saying that. I think the Kovolev is proven. Kovolev is he's never ducked anyone outside of Donald Stevenson and we all know it wasn't a true duck. It was a duck of of networks. You know I have a deal with this network. I'M NOT GONNA ruin that deal for one fight other than that. He fought everyone. We asked them to. No one is telling me the need to take a dive and this isn't a pay per view event so explain where the extra money would have came from for him to take this dive or you telling me. He took the dive based off. The initial purse. Shit makes no sense bunch of Weirdos which you are the never been in the ring but Kovalev. My hat goes off often You know he had a good career. I think his retirement time I could see easily. beat him coming back for another fight. I know he's got to fight. Deal with dissolve. So I don't think he's retiring and maybe a good win. You know on the way out would he needs Kinda like Anthony Kerala Just so he could be feeling good about his ego or whatnot but Yeah I mean come on you you you you you you you get knocked out by one hundred sixty pounder it's start. You know checking out what's going on especially actually for this camp right like I. It's hard to believe the buddy mcgirt didn't Try to work on the body and the stamina like take. My man still got tired knowing what was coming he knew the game plan. Everybody knew the game plan. And that didn't mean anything that you couldn't and even do nothing so jabs all night and people are upset about that jabs all night ness come on man. It's a fixes in. I mean is easy urge though jabs other than commit for shots when you know you encountered a man was getting counted to the body you you guys acting like another wasn't working you know I don't know maybe he could have been trying to go around the god of Cannella when Cannella was a hijab and he was hitting him because he was sending them up with the JAB by Pat Pat on the guard. Dinnie should came around with right. I'm sure he tried that sometimes. but again Cannella was faster and obviously A bit stronger. You know but I'll be going to go ahead and start taking phone calls. ADO worn. Yeah but I don't even have that right now unfortunately let's go out to What have we got here? Let me see so this is all ready already ready. Okay so we're GONNA go to Kevin in Chicago. What up Kevin? Okay so now. Jump up in weight class and he'd be rocky rocky fielding and jumped up play. Click in B. Two Nello maybe Cova with that Cobra the two months turning around around. I'm I'm curious. What do you think the more impressive win canal company up and wait and be rocking Cova or staying at enjoy clash in fighting crime kind of like Jewish odd? No I think it's more impressive to be cove live especially the way you've been on the hydration clause. Yeah he was out on the hydration close. Yeah because Asto He provides super fights all have some SORTA catch way right. Floyd had to move up to a certain way Koto making nullified at a certain way A Pack L. Made Margarito fight at a certain way. This is what happens when you have two big names. I mean you. You weren't expecting one hundred and sixty pound. Just go up there right now I think he he wakes trained him. He took Coca Cola. Kovolev look Hill ill he. Didn't you had to shine on. You was It was way trained way too much weight drain Hooks No. He was nearly knocked out two months ago. Two months ago he was concussed badly. He had no business waiting in short time to one to know he asteroid. Hey Kevin I didn't know you can get concussed to the body because that's that's what your yard hurt him you telling me he can cuss them. The head with body shots did you see him get rocked by that right hand he was. He got his brain Radel. He was knocked from. He was hurt by a punch to the head. I wish you got destroyed headshot nearly stateless go Kevin. That's time brother we take it one Colorado Feel free to call in and we're going to get this thing going. We got these lines open. Yeah it's all to me man. Talk in Canelo L. O. Alvarez powerful pound king we got a looks like we got Joel Online. Talk to meet you. Where where you calling from? Maybe Mrs Serrano Oh seven. Oh four talked to US Charlotte but anyway my Mexican brother like any any money saying it was already being racist bar picking Mellow Tyson. Five years old with sleet and a lot of people saying the state may not everybody's canal. Oh Hey nobody we're not committed brings to me on the ground. He did the chicken dance. I mean so if something is has anything like I said I know way anyway but also like never really did anything to five hundred around. Okay I mean take getting kind of disrespect because you know what I'm saying Oh my tummy longtime ago. They lay which covers things in there. That's why he didn't teach US men so it'd be saying everybody's not and so Yeah great job. Thank you brother Look I. I don't think it was a dive live but People do feel like Kovalev didn't even do anything you know. We got giving quality. CENA plenty of people feel like Kovalev was just jabbing do a Let you go champ because I got to keep the lines free. Unfortunately I'm on the road so I'm using the mobile not the desktop which doesn't allow me to. I don't know how to add. I'm pretty sure I can learn how to add or merge merge but normally on the other on the other it comes right in and says merge So it looks like we got Steve Online. Talk to me Steve. Looks like you dropped off. We'll bring him back in the meantime from the chat. Ah.

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