North Korea, United States, Truman Administration discussed on Black Agenda Radio


Of the obscene military budget which the transfer from the public pockets straight into the pockets of the military industrial complex so you know this situation with north korea is a situation which there's conflict now internally among the ruling elites who some concern about this move toward peace and we saw the response the other day from the stock market that some of the major military corporations loss a significant value in their stock is a consequence of this possible breakthrough for peace so you know when you look at the material reality you look at follow the money if you will you see that the north korean situation is much more complicated than might appear on the surface this seems to be bad for business in wall street knows it glenn this has been a case career from you mention ever since the end of the second imperialist war of the second world war and is important for people to recognize and to be reminded that like most of the polls were conflicts the leading edge the main protagonists if you will in the us site where the democrats harry truman his administration concluded that they were concerned about the possibility of a post war downturn in the us economy they wanted to maintain a span military expenditures but in needed proper justifications the korean war serve that purpose quite nicely the truman administration expanded the military budget threefold they put in place the process of connecting various us bases in the pacific area became the model for the global network of us basis so the korean situation is part of the broader sort of strategic alignment of us imperialism i has played very central road in that broader imperialist ommission so these kinds of things we have to take into account when we attempt to try to get deconstruct what has happening with that issue again you know you have some forces that would like to see a resolution of the situation with north korea you have a very powerful forces on the other hand that are willing to support trump's completed pivot to asia in recognize that part of that pivot to asia means maintaining a fairly significant physical presence of us troops in career and this democratic reaction to what happened in singapore almost entirely negative isn't then just a partisan reaction but part of the stoorikhel stance of.

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