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Juice cointreau. And then some lime juice wouldn't drink reddish that should be on the wheel the official cocktail of rene app. Yeah yeah i mean. I'm not a drinker. But i i don't know if it's a full podcast. But maybe could be like in the mailman and then we'll make it and then we'll drink it during the melee. Yeah that's not a bad idea. Let's get very episode. Our guest today very excited to have back here from what i understand. This is her tenth appearance nap. Is that a record. She zero hats. But of course. Many podcast. Hats on bo jack. Horse pod talking about love island And so much more on caskey. Cast here is The great kirsten kennedy our you. I am good rob. I think my first instinct official cocktail of for nap is john. Daly and then keep it can happen. Arnold palmer podcast. We're big sports. That's the only sport for drink. I can think of it. It's just a an arnold arnold palmer with vodka because the joke is that john daly drinks a lot No greater athlete. When i think like sports i think john daly one of the great athletes many name. Another great athletes. Oh i agree no honestly. It's a good fall. John daly is like if i was an athlete. I would probably be like john daly. Never done a push up in his life sport. Read got to drive around your mouth. Bet like that goal. Well they don't let them drive towards very controversial. If you were to ask me pre show is gonna make a john bailey reference I would've said that there's a zero point zero zero percent. She loves golf. That's one thing now. Nobody person not true First of all i contain multitudes rob how dare you but no. My dad loves golf. Until i have seen so many hours of golf. I wish i could take back that time and do anything else with it. A by paid off in the slum situation okay. I did have a thought recently. Robbed like high should get really into golf. And like that moment i realized oh. That's why i know. I'm getting old. Because i never thought that when i was a kid and my parents they would have happily paid for golf lessons when i was a kid. And now it's like this old white guy thought like oh i should get into it just it just didn't want to think that i just thought it one day and i think in my brain. I thought you meant watching. All it did not even occur to me that you would wanna play. Wanna play offs. I really want to get good at. I think i. I wanna play it also because i am worried that i'm going to be bullied by the other old white people That i feel like that. North carolina know how to. It's like what do you even golf idiot loser. Your kids friends. They're going to. They're gonna play date. You're going to go to some like barbecue or just. Maybe we'll edgy. Now pitching wedge go you. Don't you don't know how to use a wedge. Well i'll give you a wedgie. It'll be wedge works career it'll be. It'll be a time also honestly if your biggest concern. Is that the other like old white. People are gonna make fun of you for not knowing how to golf links. That's a good problem to have. I guess dad's are going to be you up. They're just beating anybody up than than the dads are exclusively golfing because it is an excuse for them to drink outside during the daytime bay drinker anyway. So i'm guessing. Yeah and we'll just set up where we're going to do here today. This is sex in a key as originally outlined by shut up. Tim was this one of the But when when did this come up within the among us mailbag outright. It was in the us mail. And so we're going to do here. We'll talk about season three episode seven of sex in the city and then we are going to take other famous foursomes. And we're going to tell you we're going to like figure out between the three of us. Who is the carry. Who is the samantha. Who was the charlotte and who is the miranda because every group of four can be distilled down to like who are those four archetypes. Yeah and if you're like hey. But i don't know where they are. Don't worry we'll explain it very simple who they are Cursing could you give us your back story with Sex in the city. Because i have to think that you're probably too young to be watching second city in the real time. Fernley i was too young to be watching sex in the real time. I'm not even really sure. How section he came into my life. I do know i saw movies in theaters. I was probably too young for that too. But whatever and then i feel like probably the summer between maybe eleventh and twelfth grade for may solve the i watched all of them because they just like playing every episode in order on probably like the women's network or something and so i just kind of watched then sense. I've seen the show a couple of times all the way through. I wouldn't say it's like my favorite show or anything like that but it's definitely you know it's a fun show. Some doesn't hold up super great when watching it in the modern day You know what you if you just want to watch something very easy to watch. The conflict is low stakes twenty.

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