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From NPR News. I'm Janine Herbst. Congressional Democrats and the White House say they're moving ahead with the next round of coronavirus relief legislation. MPR's Windsor Johnston reports. Negotiations are expected to begin as early as next week. The White House is proposing in nearly $2 trillion measure that includes $1400 relief checks where Americans who qualify. The administration says it's hoping to reach a bipartisan deal with congressional Republicans, but warns it's not willing to split up the legislation in order to reach a compromise. GOP leaders have questioned the price tag of the bill, arguing it's too expensive. NPR's Windsor Johnston, The acting Capitol police chief wants to install permanent fencing around the capital after a pro trump mob stormed the building earlier this month. From member station W A. M U W TRUNK has more Acting Capitol Police chief Yoga Nanda Pittman says the fencing and many other improvements are necessary to fortify the capital. Pittman says she will work with Congress to identify safety improvements. The call for permanent fencing drew swift rebuke from local D C leaders, D C. Council member Charles Allen heads the council's Public Safety committee failures on January 6th. But rather than turn Inward and try to find out what went wrong with US Capitol police his ability to prepare their using. There's an excuse to just hard in the perimeter to build a fortress around the People's House. D. C. Mayor Muriel 1000 also tweeted she would not support permanent fencing. For NPR news. I'm Debbie trunk. And officials says Pakistan's government has lodged a petition to the Supreme Court. Reuters is reporting that they're asking the court to review its decision to free a man once convicted of killing American journalist Daniel Pearl. MPR's DEA. Hadid has more from Islamabad. Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped in the southern city of Karachi. He was beheaded on video and the tape was broadcast on the Internet. Ah British national called Omar chef was convicted of his kidnapping and murder. That was 19 years ago. Last year, a provincial court overturned the murder conviction. And yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld that decision on appeal. Now a Pakistani attorney general has lodged a petition to review the case. It could take years to process and it has little chance of succeeding. Following chefs acquittal, The Secretary of state Antony Blinken said the U. S was ready to prosecute share in American courts do you indeed NPR NEWS ISLAMABAD officials from the World Health Organization are in Wuhan, China, to meet with their counterparts in the fact finding mission into the origin of the Corona virus. The W. H O will meet with early responders and some of the first covert 19 patients. The team spent the past two weeks in required quarantine, holding media meetings rather by videoconference. U. S futures contracts or trading lower at this hour. Dell futures contract down 7/10 of a percent NASDAQ futures contracts down just over 1%. You're listening to NPR. This is W when my C in New York four minutes after eight o'clock Good morning. I'm David 1st 15 degrees now in Central Park going up to 23. Today we're seeing delays of up to one hour on New Jersey Transit rail service in and out of Penn Station, New York due to signal issues. C Street ferry has canceled all service today between New York and New Jersey due to high winds. Mayor de Blasio gave his final state of the city address last night. The speech was delivered in a 20 minute pre recorded video and focused on the mayor's plans for his final year in office. The theme of the speech was recovery for all Me tell you a.

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