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In farming, who at we said? Some people are not the best customer service better off. Growing and others are to be the opposite, so you also need to act on the new. The intermission event. Love Him. Practical Advice I think that's up. Anybody can do so again. Thanks for taking the time to chat tonight was that it's been a long day for you, so I appreciate you putting in the time after a long day to record this for people that want to check out your farm, stand online and follow along. Where's the best place to go to follow you? Follow me. instagram. Post on there almost daily and my instagram Hambo is sweet girl farms so pluriform sweet girl farms in SF the end. And I can also be found on TIKTOK. Sa Forms Youtube sweet. Go on our website. Sweet. You'll phones com. On facebook, sweet girl once. There you have it. Lezak Garcia, sweet girl farms. If you WANNA foul along with everything that she's doing, be sure to check her out on instagram or traveling to below. You can also follow her on some of the other channels that you mentioned. I want to thank for coming on and sharing her story. One thing I'm trying to do is share positive stories at this time right now and country when it feels more divided than ever. There's a lot of people. Claiming victimhood. and. Can Very justified depending on the reasons. But one thing I wanna try and push through the airwaves is regardless of your situation. Regardless of what hand you dealt. It's up to you to make the best of it. Because for every situation there are people doing nothing positive. And there are others doing amazingly positive things. So while you can't control. The macro factors that determine your life on a day-to-day basis. You can one hundred percent control the micro factors that determine how you. Interact with society in what you do with the chance that you were given so whether that's would social justice. This farming food politics whatever it is. Don't feel victimized the point where you don't do anything. Be empowered with what you have with who you are and make the change that you want to see in the world. If you don't do anything. Then, you do become that victim. The other side is one. It's only when you create that change that you wanna see in the world. The you grab that power back in you. Don't become a victim. You become empowered. If you want things to change. Don't sit around waiting for others to change it. Because odds are, you'll be sitting around forever. Go out there and be the change. The YOU WANNA! See in the world. Thanks for listening until next time, be nice. Be.

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