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Been clear from Lonsdale Avenue wide open and one forty six south down from two ninety five in Lincoln with your southern New England traffic thanks John let's kick off the week now check out the forecast with fourteen ten million dollars just Christina earnings mostly cloudy skies today with showers and thunderstorms possible from late morning through the afternoon temperatures head into the middle seventies and humid Tuesday low to middle seventies for highs with mostly cloudy skies and an isolated shower or thunderstorm I'm storm team ten meteorologist Christina Ernie on newsradio nine twenty and one of four seven FM sixty eight degrees and cloudy at seven oh one Liz Warner has our news today brought to us by compassion international certainly we're all feeling the weight of covert nineteen but for some kids in poverty around the world things are becoming desperate you can join compassion international provide for a family in poverty make your one time forty dollar gift by texting hope H. O. P. E. to eight three three nine three Ron here the stories we're working on today governor Raimondo said Friday she will be making an announcement today about the state entering the next phase of re opening phase three she said the ocean state continues to be in good coronavirus shape and she does not want to go backwards in terms of the re opening phase saying we're not out of the woods yet she pointed to other U. S. states seeing virus rebound so Rhode islanders must continue to adhere to social distancing and hygiene rules Rhode Island is currently one of two U. S. states reporting a decline in new coronavirus cases last week thirty six states reported a rise in cases and on Friday the U. S. reported the highest number of new cases in a single day among twelve states that rate is holding steady and just to stage reporting a decrease in.

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