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For a huge period of time not just doing theresa may's time in fairness at the home office we have not maintained a proper border system we've not done what most people in the country would have assumed has been done as common sense which is maintained a proper record of people coming into the country and leaving a previous governments abolished exit checks altogether you cannot run a proper system of immigration control if you're not recording who is coming into specific than when is responsible for the injustices that that members of the windros generation and others have faced through this the the cases that we now know about there are more of them being listed in the guardian today i think there are two responsibilities firstly those people who decided to dispose of the landing card records way back in two thousand nine hundred ten that seems to have been a silly decision and secondly i would have thought that for many of these people who've been in the country for decades common sense would indicate that it's highly unlikely that they should be denied access both to our country and to public services and i'm surprised that with many of these cases more common sense hasn't been applied in dealing with that individual circumstances david lewis and david would thank you both the time is twenty past eight what if we could persuade the chefs of top restaurants to change jobs to abandon the stress and the shouting and go instead to work in schools where there's no stress and no shouting to bring the same karen attention to know the to the food that our children eat charities been set up to recruit one hundred chefs for hundred schools chefs in schools treads of course into territory let's face it others of dabbled in the past but it has ideas to make it work this time and henry dimbleby is head coach erotic founder of the highstreet chain leon and nicole pisani as well who is the former head chef at nope in london now executive chef at gay hearst community school in hackney morning to you.

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