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That includes rebates to nearly 400,000 low income Marylanders and repeal the income tax on unemployment benefits and provides immediate sales tax cuts of up to $12,000 for more than 55,000 small businesses, Hogan says the budget also allocate $7.5 billion for education, which eclipses the state's formula for full funding. Now the budget will head to the state Legislature for review. Luke Luke w. T. O P. News president Trump is again condemning the violence. At the Capitol and warning against political blacklists and a farewell address video that he posted online. But he did not congratulate his successor by name My fellow Americans. In a 20 minute video posted to YouTube, the president laid out his accomplishments. We built the greatest economy in the history of the world. Mr Trump says He wants Americans to remember. I fought for you. I fought for your family. I fought for our country. And he said the movement he started is only just beginning. The best is yet to come. Thank you and farewell. God bless you. Stephen Portnoy CBS News. Meanwhile, YouTube is extending the president's channel suspension for a week longer than its previous temporary suspension. The Google own company tells CNBC. The extension is because the potential for ongoing violence, Trump's YouTube account has almost three million subscribers and prior to this suspension typically posted several videos a day from him and from conservative media outlets. The temporary suspension means Trump's account and existing videos who remain accessible, but he won't be able to upload new contents. 9 52. Meanwhile, a teacher at Fred Lynn Middle School in Woodbridge placed on leave after apparently telling a students during an online class that he was at the Capitol on the day of the riot. The action against Teacher Benjamin Plumber was taken on Friday, the paper says. A student took video of plumbers admission and posted on social media in the video plumber called the Answer the capital. A set up people get a bad rap. They seem to be the ones that started the whole thing. So I was there. That's what I wait for it. That's when I saw him up and I heard the media just playing Trump supporters the whole time and I needed and it was a setup. It's not clear plumber went inside the Capitol that day. Prince William County public schools is aware of the accusations They are investigating the see if school policies were violated. In a statement, the school district says it recognizes the right of employees to take part in political activity on their personal Time, But it says employees may be fired if they take part in criminal activity. Loudon County's Board of Supervisors voting on a resolution calling for the resignation of Virginia state delegate Dave LaRock. It comes one week after LaRock said he regretted using the words colored community in response to critics who blasted him for taking part in the rally March that led to the riot. The resolution that the board will vote on, says day full Iraq continues to promulgate disinformation about the election. It says his involvement and stopped the steel events has demonstrated he's unfit to represent Loudon County with honesty and integrity, Laurent tells w. T o p. He's amazed that it Lee These two supervisors are so blinded by their hatred of what he and conservative stand for that they're violating the First Amendment and there could of conduct by using county staff in a political witch hunt. The log unstained. W T o P NEWS Coming up in money news..

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