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He's a master which he was and is you're still dealing with a human being he's taking a pee like you're taking a pee and eating chicken like you're eating your chicken and and and has his moods and has people dying around him and he's still feeling things and still trying to comprehend the world, you know through his own strong lenses. So if anything helps us remember that Edgar Allan Poe was a human well his frailties and certainly his flaws. That definitely reminds you and it definitely remind me. That's for sure now. Here's the here's the interesting thing here. So he writes a Kentucky poet William Russell Wallace. Somebody was close to for a number of years. Another one of those Washington Irving said they went through a lot of listening to of crap to him and still stuck with him. They loved what he was doing. They thought he was brilliant. They they they they were able to because of just the kind of people they were wage were able to put aside some of his weirdness and just focus on Edgar Allan Poe as a human being as as a great artist, not everybody was able to do that, but they were able to so they're crazy. So he tells him hey, I just wrote this incredible poem called The Raven and this is where he says the Raven is the greatest poem ever written. Those are the exact words for Meg rambeau found exactly what he said in the correspondence. So that guy It's Not Unusual because he said that to a couple of other people do which is pretty pretty darn amazing. It really is. now even though he was known for some of his really ruthless criticisms. He was also very generous and the people that he felt he really had a connection to their writing when he saw something in it that he could see himself or or even seeing something that he would admire. He was very generous and one of the ones he was really very generous worth was Elizabeth Barrett Browning the great English poet and he wrote a review of.

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