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It is let a little slower up north. He jumps and jumps furthering metro in on the forty where he was three ten in Orlando Brown. Yeah. I the real the real bad Mark for Orlando was only fourteen on the bench because we're Landau is three hundred and forty five pounds. And he only benched fourteen times these other dudes who unlike land and Turner of UNC only dumped nineteen inches but bench thirty. Yeah. Yeah. That and. That this that that you don't actually have to jump as an offensive lineman, which Orlando Brown. Defined in the NFL, absolutely awful, combine some great life. Now he lives in Ottawa. Oh, no. That's Jose Matiz Orlando Orlando Brown. I believe is still at the giants or Orlando Brown is still in the glimmering metropolis of Baltimore Baltimore oca- and he played in. He started ten games see jumping shit never tones, right? Yep. No coach ever talks about, you know, well, forward progress or progresses forward at ain't up. You don't have to jump for a check. That's why we have direct deposit just goes right in. It's called football. Not wing ball. Yeah. Not fly ball come on. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, there is there is there is a long history, by the way like this is this is to say that later on in this episode. I think we're going to go over some draft hypotheticals is that is that what you term them Jason. Yeah. That'd work. Yeah. But you know, anybody has ever failed. Let's see Joshua more of Kansas state mustard to bench press reps. Search for two or fewer? He's the only one who showed. Now, do we should clue as one hundred and eighty eight pounds that's two to twenty five he lifted more than his body weight twice. That's better than almost any regular person. Can do extremely for a second. Because I thought his name was Joshua Ford. Mustard. Joe shoe food most brothers shit. He's also a railroad baron. Some of these by the way, like when they get into when you look at like the worst times, and they're like, oh, this guy only ran a five point one eight as a kicker dear God, do you know pacify? Blazon? God that means both both your legs work, real good. Yeah. You know, you think about the luxury of that you only need one leg. You're just stunned by having to you got a backup. When you draft a kicker. Remember, you don't draft one kicker you draft to the right kicker and the left jigger. But yeah. Like some of these numbers that they go. Oh, man. Absolute failure. I mean, there's still terrify. You're still really really good. That and that and you know, wide receivers are like only ran a four point seven to four point seven two is flying in gen pop. My god. Yeah. The least explosive athlete though per own Alex Kirschner at the quarterback spot. That's right to TB twelve Tom Brady. Ran a ran a five to eight which I know we've been talking about people run in the five twos is being away faster than the gen pop. Tom Brady slow as hell per, Alex. In post all bad combine team the fifth worst time by a quarterback the century. Was tied for sixth worst. Who's got the worst in the twenty? No that beating. A hell of a quarterback. Abate incredible..

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