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Definition of what the greatest song his could be just the best vogel can be just the best song can be the most impactful can i have the most powerful backstory whatever it is you think whatever you put into it you dirt you tell us why you think that's the song so let's go around the room and see what we all came up with alan he wanted go first because it is international women's day i think it's only fair that is lovely of you and i appreciate it uh the song was originally released and written by otis redding and then two years later aretha franklin was like what am i show you how it's done otis attack for a while because this is they thought hmm respects by aretha franklin d strong choice rights two day come on i mean it's great for so many reasons by the way it's a part of it is that a wreath of franklin is arguably the greatest singer of all time but part of it is that it's brilliant song and a third part of it is that it kind of is an anthem four women right yeah i mean it was the message of the song is hey i deserve a little bit of respect and i'm not getting it from my man sign it to me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me and i and i think that's a i think that's one of the reasons why it has remained so popular for so many years and let's never forget the unbelievable version she did of that in the blues brothers movie to hanoi crashes at all i mean it should be mentioned to the production on that song is ahead of its time yet it.

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