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Your phone will use it for emergency calls if it can't it prioritizes cellular emergency calls and i think that's just for the nine one one location so you'll trucking they can they can tell you where you're yeah you do have to have an a an iphone or it actually works on ipad or ipod touches you with iowa's nine or later and it's a mac two thousand and two model or i'm sorry two thousand twelve model or later running l capi tan so that's that's how wifi calling works there are some downsides to wi fi calling but you know obviously there's the downside that if something happens and you're on life is calling in you're not at home you know in there's emergency they may send emergency responders to the wrong address so if you move or something like that you may need to make sure you update your mind one one address the other downside to wi fi calling that i found is that some places and i found this like with some businesses won't accept wi fi calls have you ever run into that i've run into a handful of times no i i can't as i see her the i don't i can't recall a time that that's happened to me but also i don't normally use wifi call into call i usually use that to call friends and clients but but then i'm sure there's some i wonder what the with the reason for that is use wifi calling all the time when i'm at home i mean i if i'm at home i'm calling you from wifi and and and i've actually found it with restaurants like if i'm calling a pizza place to order take out i've had them decline though the wifi call unusually what i get is i get a i just get a recording that says this business is not accepting it it doesn't say wifi calling but it says something that when you when you think about it it says oh it's it's because i'm calling from wi fi because they don't get caller id information perhaps i think what it is i i had researched this at some point is i think it's an antispam technique because i think it's trying to weed out what are legit calls versus what are just automated calls the the way that i have been able to get around it is i find that if i put the complete phone number in and dial full phone number with area code that that will override that will let the call through women's they're gonna do you ever call numbers without the area code sometimes yeah i just i never do that because every contact that goes into my system even if they're in the same area code as me i put the area code in it would be a contact that i'm calling it's like if i'm i'm calling something out of a magazine if i'm calling for a service or delivery or for pizza or something like that i'm i'm not calling something on my contacts why i almost i always put the area code in anyway so i that's probably why i've never experienced that but good to know little about well we we covered wifi calling i think that's all i have to say about that yeah so if you've got if you've using your phone you haven't tried wifi calling i guess the takeaways please turn it on and try it because you will find it increases the fidelity of your calls and when you spend a lot of time talking on the phone it's really nice when you can actually hear the other person handoff calls to other devices this something apples added over the last several years and it's gotten i think a lot more stable with more recent releases of mac os and i o s but it's pretty nice being able to have these calls go through on your different devices often i'll be working out in the yard i have like my little outside office set up where i spend time working on my ipad a call comes in i can take it on my ipad if i'm sitting at my desk my i mac and someone calls i can answer it right on my mac and get by and all that stuff is that underline head off technology that apple got released cited about two or three years ago and i think if you didn't try to begin with you should or if you try to and you didn't like it initially i.

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