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Drain cleaning for only $99. Traffic and weather together on the age to Steve dressed her in the GOP traffic center in Virginia. In the choir harbor area still dealing with an incident a vehicle fire has been put out North bound outie five after Route one for a quiet beer. 1. 43, however, is still a single left lane getting by with delays. South founders It's slow over the OC O Kwan there. You've set up a work zone on the bridge, repairing a guard rail from an earlier crash. The bottom line is the left lane. His blocks across in the braids stayed to the right which is minor delays. Stay in Virginia. No problems to report on the capital Beltway. You could ride in both directions currently on 66. No issues on my 3 95. Over in Maryland density and free on the Capitol Hill way both of Montgomery County in Prince George's County, 95. The B W Parkway and find cheap between the two beltways. No incidents to report on 2 70 or Rude 50 at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Currently two lanes heading eastbound three going westbound, with no incidents to report on route 301 worth a nice Mac Middleton Bridge. In Maryland in the urban area. This just updated is both directions. So rude 80 right near Flynn Hill Road. The lanes have been re opened in both directions. Earlier crash activity involving an overturned vehicles just been cleared this up in a row. Bana in the district. Ah, good right on this healthy Southwest Freeway. No issues to report not D. C 2 95. For I to 95 w t o P Reporters. They're driven by Fitzgerald Auto Mall shop fits first and say money choose from thousands of used cars and trucks visit fit small dot com That's the fits way. Steve Dresner w GOP traffic Steve Thank you to NBC for Samara, Theodore. Now tonight low to mid sixties. We are in for a quiet conditions, mostly clear. Nice night to maybe crack the window. Humidity is still fairly low. Tomorrow. Isin the low to mid eighties were mostly.

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