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Win a daily prize of one hundred seven dollars each weekday in the month of afro get the mytalk app in your phone's app store right now. Five eyewitness news weather forecast. Showers today. Forty six clouds early clear skies late tonight, thirty seven year, low sunny sixty four tomorrow right now, rain and forty five at the by talk studios. Dumb. People doing dumb things we love to tell. You about them on the Colleen and Bradley show. Mytalk one of seven one streaming live at mytalk one seven one dot com. Everything entertainment. Colleen lindstrom. Bradley trainer. These my friends. Are you're crazy stupid idiot. S-? I guess one could say that's crazy stupid idiot. Colleen and Bradley present fee s the stance creature stupid idiot signature does why. Well, because the world is full of crazy stupidity. It's dumb. People doing dumb things repeatedly. Bless you bless you over again in the state of Florida. Sorry. Florida. We are not bless you, by the way, allergies. I'm telling you. It's that thought and the rain it's just bring it out. I let's go to on -tario for our very first crazy stupid idiot. Okay. Where we meet gentleman by the name of Germain Nichols. He's forty years old and he was out hiking in Scarborough, Ontario Canada. Apparently, he got stuck on a steep cliff while he was out hiking, and he called nine one one to get rescued. So his phone though, was almost out of batteries. And it died before they were able to get a specific location from him where he was. So the firefighters and paramedics drove up the cliffs.

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