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He he did that perfectly. Yeah, he did. You know, those are the place that you work on in the spring, Right, Bill? All the PFLP hundreds of them. You know, hundreds of them and then you go four months and you don't do any more, And then you're going to do it. You got to do it with a packed house and a big moment, So it was a great flight. What about the second baseman who blocks the bag with his leg? And you know, a guy comes in with his hand. It's trouble, but you come in with the spikes. That's the last time he's going to do that. Well, you know, there's been a lot of guys over the years and one I know Bill knows who I'm talking about. We've seen him play here a lot. He played for Philadelphia and he played for the Dodgers as well. And he used to block the bag on steels and also pick offs from the picture. He dropped that need. You guys know who I'm talking about. As you say, Utley, now. Yep, it's suddenly chase suddenly and he was the best at it. Hard nose. Um, just like leaning into the pitch at the plate. You know, these guys sacrifice their body, um, for for the competition of the game, and And you know no one's ever going to say umpire is never going to call a guy safe because he drops the knee on the tag. You're just putting yourself at rest, as you said, to get spike to get cut. And you know, years ago there was many, many guys that did that, But it's kind of gone from the game today. Run, Didn't they change it? Did they put a rule in for that? Not that I'm aware of. But, you know, they're always changing so I should. We should call Eddie Montague and find out. I mean, I think if you fall down and physically try to block them off, But if you're If you're kneeling to make a tag, and your leg goes down. I don't know. I don't think there's a rule in place. Yeah, they did it. I think Estrada was the one last night. If I'm not mistaken, I think with bets coming in On the stolen base boy. What a week for you. What a week for the Giants, and we got Giants Dodgers tonight and, uh, your Connecticut Guy Leone opening up against Buehler, and then it's off to Colorado. And your big decisions this week. Well, this has been some weak for you. So let's talk River Islands. There's good things happening at River Islands. We talked last week about Don Johnson. What's going on at Island? There's field with all the high school baseball showcasing going on, but soccer as well. And you know John Doyle Yes. Yes, I do. And, you know, boy, what a couple of great coaches, um, for for the youth in the area to have access to. I mean, John Doyle. He's done everything in the game of soccer and I guess every weekend he's having clinics and things going on there. Just like Don Johns does it Islander field with all those soccer fields and, uh, you know, John Doyle, people that known they need that they need to Google him and get your kid out there, uh, to be around this guy because he is a tremendous coach was a tremendous player. And professional soccer, and you know it's an opportunity of a lifetime to go out there and get this done. Why nice? And, of course, there's new parks that are going to happen in the new community community Park 15 acres with softball diamonds, I may come out of retirement. Marty, If I'm not mistaken, somebody had told me that you had over 2000 winds as the softball pitcher in the Bay Area. I don't know if it's true enough, but, uh, Iowa as much as you talk about softball from Brooklyn to here, I bet you it is true. Well, the legend grows, You know that when the legend is better than the fact than talk about the legend, so But it would be fun. It would be fun. I did pitch a lot. I'll tell you that. Well, we'll have a great afternoon and congratulations and there's good things in your future. And if it's media combined with coaching and It's all out there for you. You've done a good job, so I appreciate you being on Well, guys. Great being with you. I look forward to talking next week and let's get this game today. It's a big one. Absolutely. All right. Thanks. Well, Bill, you got JT Snow coming up? Yeah, giant popular player coming up to. Of course, he did some broadcasting for the Giants with John and And Dave, and now he's in Sacramento doing river Cat TV with Johnny Disco, and we got to catch up with them. So that's coming up next. What a fielder. I always said watching JT Snow play first space was like watching a shortstop play first, You know, he was fabulous wasn't gloves. Wow, just fantastic. I'd like to get his thought and blocking the base with his leg. I don't think he would do that. But, boy, what an interesting guy. All right. Very good. Well, Bill will be back with J T snow. We got more coming up can be our 6 81 Oh, 45. It is Sunday night baseball to wrap up this three game series. It's going to be interesting night more coming up in the sports leader. Talking baseball. With Marty Laurie, Bill Lasky and Carrie Crowley on KNBR 1045 and 6 80, the sports leader.

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