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Branch much should we know about the operations at new mexico spaceport america a bill and the legislature would keep some of the information like visitor logs confidential bitter saintcyr the executive director of the to mexico foundation for open government says that's not a good idea girl armed down there actor no pat couture had recruited increased knowing what's going on there supporters of the bill said would allow the mexico to be more competitive with other states that have commercial space facilities similar bill failed to pass last year attorney general hector balderas as his offices filed the first six lawsuits against new mexico charities that are not in compliance with registration and reporting requirements while there is as the charities had the opportunity to volunteer early comply with state law but it failed to do so users the mexicans who opened their hearts and wallets deserve to know how their hardearned money is being spent by a charity secretary of state rex tillerson says russia is complicit in chemical attack still being carried out by the syrian regime against its own people speaking at a conference on chemical weapons and peres tillerson said russia's actions with regard to syria are unacceptable russia's failure to resolve the chemical weapons issue in syria calls into question its relevance to the resolution to the overall crisis at a bare minimum russia must stop vetoing and at least abstain from future security council votes on this issue officials say the five employees who have been missing since an explosion at an oklahoma gas drilling rigor presumed dead sheriff chris morris said today the search for the workers is turned to a recovery mission after the monday morning blast in eastern oklahoma sixteen people will look who are on the side of the time of the explosion.

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