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When you're on the clock. I get that. Like i have allen robinson as my highest ranked guy here and i think that i would probably be willing to draft him but i want to. Draft terry mcgowan because of the upside I think that the that he is the riskiest of the three i. I'm gonna keep keenan allen here. Just keep the safe. I'm to keep well. It's it's about quarterback as well. It's about the knowledge that i have of. Who's leading that offense throughout the year loved the offensive line improvements. I was watching some camp video of justin. Herbert that was getting me hot and bothered. I mean that kid is so talented with mclaren the hairs back to think. Yeah goodness samson situation there. The shoe dropped after that after the airdrop the shoe dropped But tear maclaurin offers a lot of upside like jason said. And you haven't seen a fantasy finish there yet you've seen stretches where if you map it out over the year he would be there no question but you don't right now. I don't know if you guys talked about it on the saturday show. I mean washington said that there. It's an open. Competition between heineke and fitzpatrick feels like very much a wink. Wink opened comp. Even if it's not ryan fitzpatrick hasn't played a complete season in a long long time through and then with chicago there will be a transition or there will be a rookie quarterback so with that knowledge. If i'm the best guarantee is we will go at saw. Keep keenan on. I'll definitely trade terry maclaurin because the hype is x. extensive appropriately. and then. i'll cut ellen. Robinson i i love all three of these players. I'm gonna keep alan robinson Because even though his quarterback play is a little bit questionable..

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