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Happy Monday to you hope your weekend was great happy Passover happy Easter so back to work. We go on this Monday. The twenty second day of April two thousand nineteen and oh, by the way. By the way. I love this story out of Ukraine. So did you hear about this comedian who walked into a bar? No. So he this guy named vol dimmer Celeski. Played a a he's a comedian. He played a role of a president who was elected without any experience. And he just got elected as president of Ukraine without any experience. He's he's a he's a performer. He's a showman. And he didn't win by like two or three points. He got seventy percent of the vote. He got more votes than than the number two guy who is the current president and the guy behind him. So he he absolutely mopped the floor with this election. It was the first presidential election without a clear pro Clem Kremlin candidate. So this guy had no formal campaign. He just promoted himself as a fresh face on the political scene. A very popular TV guy and. The guy who was president Poro shaneco was very unpopular and he's tied to corruption. And he said that zone ski his inexperienced would be a dream come true for Ladimir Putin. So. Can I ask you what is going on in the world? What is going on? Where people are are electing leaders who are not experienced politicians. There seems to be a global movement against establish politicians. So this is taboo thing. I don't know if you'll ever bring down the establishment. But it is. So here's this guy. I just love the fact that he played a he played a president who had no experience and he got elected without any experience. So I don't know what he's going to do. But this is this is more of Ukraine moving more and more toward the west. There was before, you know, Putin was trying to pull Ukraine back into the the old Soviet system and all of that. So. I don't know. I've never seen the guy before obviously the people of Ukraine knew he was. And they've taken a gamble. The role on the dice. So unless your cable system has Ukraine Ukrainian programming, you probably like me never heard of this guy before, but we'll be hearing more about him. One story. I saw said think of him as an eastern European version of Alec Baldwin. Apparently, he made fun of the current president mocked him goofed on them. So they said, okay. So we'll the folk could you imagine Alec Baldwin being elected president. Yikes. So anyway, I think it's it's I don't know what to make other than it's kind of funny. But it, but it's it's not funny. It's real. So let's talk about our current president. So over the weekend, more and more people have had to deal with you know, who's report, and they all the talking heads on the Sunday shows, we're talking about the Muller report and bought it said what it didn't say what it meant. What didn't mean? So I know Elizabeth Warren. Is desperate for attention. And it seems like every week or two she pops up with some new wild socialist idea. And I mean, she she's dying on the vine. That's all it is. She is absolutely died on the vine. So she came out this weekend. With while she posted tweets in which she argued in all she wants free college for everybody,.

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