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The federal government has already provided states with doses of monoclonal antibodies used to treat covert 19 so that patients are not charged for them. But There are costs associated with administering those therapies. So the Maryland Insurance commissioner, Kathleen Brain has moved to require Maryland health carriers to cover the costs related to those therapies. Bottom line While you are not charged for the doses themselves, you also cannot be built for costs tied to the treatments, either. A spokesman for the commission says the move is not the result of any complaints. But has been taken proactively. Kate Ryan w T. O P knew a 22 year old woman from Montgomery County, died in Florida earlier this month after she was acts accidentally stuck in a hotel window. This happened back on March 19th and grassy key Florida City Terrio is from Beals. Phil. She was staying at the Pelican RV Resort and Marina when it appeared she did not have a hotel key and trying to get into the room through the window. Investigators say she got stuck and was at X asphyxiated. Lisa. No Foul play is expected even as they wait for on top See results. In other news, Virginia lawmakers quietly passed one of the country's strongest bands on facial recognition technology. This happened last month. But some police leaders want to stop it from becoming law passed with unusually broad bipartisan support and very little pushback from police. But now the Virginia Sheriffs Association wants Governor Ralph North of the hold off on signing it into law, arguing that the band is overly broad and hasn't been thoroughly vetted. The band would prohibit all local law enforcement agencies and campus police departments from purchasing or using facial recognition technology unless expressly authorized by the state legislature. Supporters, including the A C L U cite studies that have found higher error rates for facial recognition software used to identify people of color women, Children and the elderly. Bruce Allen. W T O P News we'll find out who will be in the final form both men's and women's college basketball tonight and big changes in the NFL heading our way all that ahead, 4 13. Thompson Creek designs builds and stalls replacement windows without supply chain delays that other window dealers air. See you get high quality windows at an affordable price direct from our factory installed faster than other window cos. Plus, it's our biggest sale of the year with 25% off all windows and doors, plus no interest.

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