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What did you get away? With are. What did you almost get away with? I they were talking about one time we see stole a lot of school supplies. You've almost got almost a lotta I did I'll tell you what to my brother Chuckie. It's your fault that I was a thief. Yes. You wanna come on? Anonymous. You be anonymous are you can make up a name or nickname. Whatever may be. But right now, we're gonna go to the food a forty go to the. All righty now. The foodie halo halo there the foodie. Alrighty, now the food. What did she get away with or what did you almost get away with? Okay. So when we go to dinner me, my husband, the family, it's kind of in the moment kind of thing, and we're leaving and we're packing our food to go always intimate for putting those extra little dishes in my tweet. My husband hates it. My kids hate it. And I'm always looking over my shoulder. I'm always so nervous when I'm doing it. So wait are you saying equity so you put the no place in your plate? What do you mean by? Okay. You know, when you Benny hana's, and you get those little extra dishes for all, you know. Bicycle all how but not the little to go containers you talking about like the real cost is a little late. Got ya. The foodie. I gotcha. But you've been getting away with it. Yes. I have. But I got did. Do it at pacing. Let me tell you is that your little one crying right there. Stop stealing. Mommy. I'm good too. If I go somewhere, and I see like a nice soup spoon. I'm like, oh, man. Doc. Oh, man. When I first got my first place, all my stuff came from sizzler, all my forks and knives and everything came from Caesar. I would just go to citizenry and I've been taking a steak knife. I'm taking do the same thing. Restaurants, you they have the big. The white ones all the restaurants. They never wanted to be sounds like all right? I show you ready. We're being scandalous now. That was the food eastern from my Benny hana's PF changs and everything what did you get away with almost got away with big.

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