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Won the five hundred twenty two million dollar mega Millions lottery sold, in California I'm Rita Foley the fear of, salmonella in their products has led. Pepperidge farm to voluntarily recall four varieties of goldfish. Crackers the company took action after one of, its ingredients. Suppliers said that the way powder used in seasoning, may. Be contaminated the crackers were distributed in the United States so, far no illnesses, have been reported included in the recall our flavor. Blasted extra cheddar flavor blasted sour cream and onion goldfish Bates with whole grain extra cheddar goldfish mix extra cheddar plus pretzel the companies posted a chart with the product codes on Pakistanis head to the polls on Wednesday, to elect a third straight civilian government more than twelve thousand candidates are running for hundreds of seeds. In both parliament and four provincial assemblies Islamic fundamentalists moderates, liberals and secular politicians are taking part in the vote which. Comes in the wake of election-related violence and also comes amid controversies Rounding former prime minister Noor is sheriff who recently, returned to the country from. England to, face corruption charges even as he sought to return his. Party to power. Popular former cricket player Imran Khan is also running to become the next premier the Trump administration is thirty. More tariffs against European trading partners AP's Charles day, with desma reports Germany's foreign minister says European countries won't cave to. You as threats but he is hoping I dilution it's, something in the station has already impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the, EU and it's I think tariffs on cost trucks and auto parts, a key, industry for Germany European Commission Kristen Sean Kalinga is visiting Washington Wednesday for talks on the issue now German Foreign Minister high KamAz has told Jim a a d television that he hopes it will be possible to find a consensus solution on tariffs however he adds the. EU won't let itself be threatened and just cave-in because once, done we may have to deal he says such behavior often in the Future and. We will, accept that I'm Charleston desma You've reached the high fashion hotline hi, my family's going to a concert in the park and we want her style to be..

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