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Radio. Get you on the way very soon coming up. On today's episodes well not comb. They managed to hang on in. Batley and spend is possibly the worst possible result for kissed. Does he declare victory and carry on regardless lots of his. Mp's still not very happy with how things are going. We're here form. Peter mandelson and diane abbott plus elena korea. I'm poster chris. Curtis about what all this means the labor going force. That's coming up in just a moment. First our columnists panel and today. We've got melanie read from the times and matthew side from the sunday times. Let's start with the big political story of the day. How pleased with himself should kiss dom a be this morning. Do you think well. I think he should be extremely pleased with himself Because if if it hadn't been for one of those great nobles politics sort of matt hancock effect we'd be sitting here talking about The possibility of laters next female leader wouldn't we. You'd think it was my hancock bonnet for labor i. I'm inclined to think that way. Yeah i mean. Three hundred and twenty three votes and the conservatives Campaign is did admit that it was a big subject on the doorsteps didn't they. They did thought he less not yesterday. But today what about you matthew. Yeah i think. I think that's true. I think the hancock story has provoked massive and potentially lasting anger people. You know also different backgrounds while horrified. I think the prime minister didn't sack him immediately. I'm finding out what he'd been up to. But i do think the more general trend here is is very dangerous for labor. The vote in the working class communities has been dropping since two thousand five. And i think it's gonna be you know notwithstanding this this decent result it's going to be extraordinarily difficult for them to assemble the winning coalition at the next election. And i sort of one of the labor maybe had a decent week. They've hammered the conservatives on hancock. You know actually kissed pretty decent. Pm cues by his standards. this week. finding is in now the one bowl for them another everyone else but ultimate he's ended up holding a seat which is being life for twenty five years. That's a long way for making the gains causing the and even in scotland but Where which we seem such a long way off which he's going to need to make those gains go any hope of becoming prime minister to become come to come from ministry to have to get you know twenty seats in the in scotland back but i mean he he can now start spending this as a turning point a time for change time of consolidation I mean as red box said this morning. Good luck to anyone trying to reset the narrative. But that's what he's going to have to do and You know it's it's just going to come general election. George galloway can't stand. It comes down in every in every constituency. Thank god i mean. What a wrecking ball. You know without. Let's let's not forget that without george who is a one off and we have to be careful what we say with him. Because he'll he'll sue us for saying anything but with with he's one off and without him Labor labor would have won this seat. You know reasonably security. Yes well possibly the other thing that people would be pointing out in the if you look like a dozen fifteen sixteen Candidates in this. It's very difficult because the whole world piles in uganda. By how many votes. The toys lost some fringe group. Or whatever you know george. Galloway was very high profile. To if you were giving advice to case donna. Both of you this morning. What do you think he needs to do to try and capitalize on this. Not back as you were joking melanie. We're not this time next week. Talking about angelina planning another leadership bid is really hard when his neck because he's such a palpably decent guy You know he. He's the kind of guy that you want to marry. But he's just not got that kind of that. Charisma that that That lightness of a movement. That you kind of want for in a politician. He needs to be a bit more. Spunky roguish I you know maybe maybe he needs to go on an eighteen cups at holiday. It something just just you kind of want him to breakouts a big in the sort of nicest possible way. I very hard kind of how. How rotten are weak. In this world that we condemn someone for just being too nice. Decent bit more than the of politics is connecting with people. And if you have a bit dull Yeah you could be perfect decent person but the number of times. I've i doubt the as i've been told if only everyone in the country could meet gordon brown personally phone on the country could meet ed milliband person. They'd realize that. Nazis wade as they come across all the telly. Or whatever. and you get exactly the same conversations now from people around Case dahmer and like it or not that is part of the game part of boys. Johnson's huge electoral appeal isn't to do with how was it was ten hospitals or forty hospitals. It's his it's. His personality is his personal connection with billions of voices. I have to say probably like you have meant ed. Miliband and golden brown and boris johnson. I mean admit. Abandon gordon that were at odds of all all the all the relative terraces. Yeah now. I remember meeting anyway but i actually is probably much information but i remember when i was in the labor party and kane on getting a safe seat back in dim and distant pastas at a fundraiser. Wembley stadium and i went into the jets. Labs and go gordon brown. Who was prime minister at..

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