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We know that Nouri Martinez the former LA city council president, she resigned from the council and there's large calls for Kevin de Leon and Gil se dio, the other council members in the tape to step down, but they haven't. Julia, can the council simply remove LA on and deal? No. There does not appear to be any legal mechanism for them to remove fellow council members, which by the way is probably a good thing because we don't really want a situation where there's one unpopular council member and the rest of the group can kind of just vote to get them off. But it does create some problems right now. And they've been stripped of their committee assignments, by the way, most of their committee assignments. But they're still on council. We do have provisions in the city charter to suspend a council member, but it's only when criminal charges are pending. Cedillo lost his reelection bid in June to a challenger named AU niece's Hernandez. And so he is already will be out in December because of that. So there's really very little to happen in between now and then. However, daily own is term extends until 2024. And so really the only way short of him resigning for him to leave before then would be if there was a successful recall attempt to recall him from office. Yeah, that would be hard because de Leon has a lot of political power. He was the former head of the California state Senate and a former assembly member, but David if the Leon stays on the council, would be the repercussions of that. Well, I think it depends on how successful his redemption tour goes. I mean, he's basically embarked on a sort of publicity blitz where he's talking to a number of different TV hosts, radio interviewers. And he has about as deep a hill as I can think of to climb to get back into the public's graces. People have short memories in LA on all sorts of political things. And I think we're going to have to see if he's able to somehow edge his way back into the civic society. And for the record, he has not yet spoken to the LA times, right? Not to me. That is accurate. Not to any of us. So David and Julia, all these scandals, federal indictments, corruption allegations, racist tapes. They happen as LA faces huge issues like the economy, housing, homelessness, but with no real consensus from the city council on what the answers should be and residents have not forgotten about that. Why can't you just provide housing? You want to keep people safe. You want to keep our children safe? Give us housing speakers. So that was obviously general. Speaker expansion of 41 18. So even before the leak, the midterms were shaping up to be a referendum of source on how the council would approach problems in the city, David, how does the leak change their approach? I think what's happening in the short term is really there are about style. I mean, I think that there will be some policy shifts, but really the most immediate thing you could see was how the meetings are actually conducted. So for example, nurri Martinez, she was the council president, her style was like hammer. So she was very strict about having public comment limited to 30 minutes. That's all you got. You're done. Since the audio became public, they've allowed every commenter to have their say. Good morning. There are a lot of people here. That need to be heard today. A lot of people have come to this chambers because they need to be heard. The testimony, it's like gone on for hours. This whole thing is racist, the fact that they had the audacity to sit here in front of the people that they mocked that they minimized that they demonized that they marginalized is unacceptable. So this week, the council is going to move to a sort of hybrid format for public testimony where they're going to allow both in person comment and people to call in, something nerdy did not allow. So you can see there's kind of this sort of glasnost almost in terms of their interactions with the public that I find really interesting. And I think we're going to see some policy things come down the pike, sort of the most immediate reaction to how they do business. And Julia, how does the leak shift the makeup of the city council? You mentioned earlier that said, they already lost to a nieces Hernandez, who's more progressive. How are the other council races shaping up? The first thing to kind of know is there's the immediate question of what is the leak do in the last month of the election? But the broader kind of phenomenon to be watching is a progressive movement that has been building power in our life for several years. Hernandez's victory in June absolutely spoke to that as they had counseled my burden in the ramens victory in 2020 when she ousted an incumbent. That's two incumbents outstanding in two years. In the past, ousting a city hall incumbent was something that was seen as not impossible, but pretty close to it really hard to do. And so right now we're looking at a moment where all of the energy around the leak and anger at the establishment could potentially be a pretty real boon to these progressive candidates. Speaking of that, there was another audio tape leaked, the former LA county federation of labor president Ron Herrera, and here he's talking about one of those progressive candidates. He's a longtime activist and labor union organizer who's running against incumbent Mitchell Farrell. I want to make sure that we protect niche. Allies because this guy is this guy is your opponent. He's probably got what? The one I know and the one I don't know. I think another thing about Herrera's remarks is that in this race, in the Hollywood district, Mitchell Farrell has been very pro cop. He's talked about wanting to hire more police officers. His opponent, Hugo, Soto Martinez, has talked about fewer cops and diverting money away from the police department. And the thing you need to know about Ron Herrera is he's a teamster and teamsters themselves, they represent cops. So it's not a complete surprise to me that he would feel sort of some affinity for micho Farrell in this

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