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The final four. You know what I love you. I'm going to let you pick this. So what are we haven't yet? We've got three out of the four once you pick this one. I'm going to pick the fate of the winner of this game in the final four. But you know what I'm GonNa let you pick this Gonzaga the one versus San Diego State. The two in L. A. at Staples Center who you take Holy Crap. It's very serious. Stuff is is tough is tough you making me. Rip My heart a half. I'm going to take zag but still allow Sandiego state deficiencies and undefeated you. You you go ahead and hop on that train then see where it takes you there. Gonzaga moves along. We've got a one to one and Maryland is a three the last region. Let's go up to New York and well we've got different cities we gotta be. They'll get to New York in the second weekend. Here we're GONNA start with Dayton. Once he the flyers. How do you not love the story going up against Pat Kelsey WINTHROP EAGLES? This isn't even a question. Date moves along without too much of a fight. Toughest eight nine gave him of all. You've got a cleveland tip. Saint Mary's against Oklahoma. This is GONNA be. Tbs Tip at seven twenty seven on. Friday I'm GonNa go with the GAELS here. Just trust them a bit more in Jordan. Ford is probably just a little bit better than Christian doolittle. He's the best player on the floor. GimME SM see down to Tampa the game auburn versus Akron. The Tigers have five seed Akron. A lot of people sleeping in Auburn Isaac a Coro- didn't make our top ten freshmen. Bruce Pearl had to give me a call he might be making a t shirt. I don't even know what's going on but I gotTa Take Tigers this is chew forty tip on CBS Friday. I'M GONNA go with Auburn moving along there and then the last game in the top half of this bracket well Louisville four seat liberty lot of wins thirteen seed in Tampa. Give Me Chris. Mack and his cardinals. Liberties had a good season. Terrible shrink.

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