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America in two thousand sixteen and let me tell you he knows about, road racing, he is an, outstanding road racer he absolutely as I love how they describe this as an opportunity race Michael McDowell one of those drivers that. Considers this an opportunity there's, a few other drivers in the field those being I even look as swore as as a guy who considers this an, opportunity race well one driver has the opportunity to repeat that would be defending. Winner Martin, directs junior he's alongside our Winston Kelly yes going for three. In a row actually including the Sears point, race how good is this race car from the. Four starting position Martin pretty, happy with yesterday I thought we had. A good practice and a couple of guys that. Are really fast out there but. You don't have. The fastest car. To win here you gotta play. It smart all. Day and and make sure you have some breaks for the end and. And really tracked position is going to. Be key as, well so you got the right piss, strategy here and got the best guy in the box to call the race and hopefully We can put ourselves. In position is there a particular part of this race track you find to be more critical from your perspective. Or is it every part, now. It's everywhere this place is so fast you know one corners off or, you're having, a trouble spot in in one of the breaking. Areas or something it's it's real tough to. Overcome so you got a great car great breaks in in pretty good drive off these corners. To, be able to power down defending race winner won a Sears point. One for three, in a row and he's, road. Courses mar treks junior does it from, the fourth starting position all, right Winston another guy we always keep an eye on at. Road courses is AJ almond. Nigger he raced yesterday in the series race and definitely knows his way around Watkins Glen where he, has a victory under his belt he's standing by right. Now with Goldsboro North Carolina's allocate AJ we'll start in the number eight position today's he talks with Michael McDowell AJ come to Watkins Glen fired up obviously isn't more. Pressure knowing your background as a road racer to.

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