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They're either going to announce this like coming by the end of the year at the event or with the press release the same day as the event. Right. If it's delayed, I don't think no mention into like the end November the no power press statement saying been canceled light. Yeah. Going to the no going to besmirch will be the happiness around the new ipads by saying, oh yeah. App, how screwed awebber pointed to the point they? Yeah, they definitely need to say something though because in needs to be definitive, it can't be. In a few weeks unless like you're positive on the date and it can't be like cannot be early twenty nineteen unless you're like positive like a month. Yeah. They've already said a year, which is twenty eight hundred, right? So they just. I think people flip suddenly went twenty nine. I said February, which is basically what they did for the homepod. Right. Then people kind of like give them a narrow in your timeframe every single time you say it? Yeah, I don't think home pod got him on, but ended up in February. And that's why they need to be like super specific or say, we don't know because this point they. You know, the role that will air pie airpower has had been negative more than innovative in isn't innovation when it ships ships. But like it's also got a lot of baggage now just because of how it was previewed with still. I think been finally released by September of this year, but they didn't. And now it still like just linger. Not there in the air pods thing is like super interesting because I know me like if I lost mine today, I feel strongly about replace and then because like I love my pods that much. But there are people who still haven't bought pods and who are waiting like it's probably not in large numbers. Of this crossover like no, about airpower about the charging case that's been shown, but it's Jerry number and as as you get closer to like, you know, further away from that preview gets worse, you know, and it's awkward. It's like, do you just do the charge in case and then have these rumors of the the new version hanging other too. No. But it doesn't seem like we get new airports at this event. Yeah, I think it's pretty clear. We're not getting like a second generation Madhu Dow becoming next year alongside the headphones, the beats three equivalent apple branded things, which they can do any of this any time. But that feels like fall stuff like next year, like big holiday stuff, not like middle of the year. I mean airplanes ended up being, you know, right before the holidays of year and like inventory was twinkly pushed back until February. So that was kind of like a middle of the year thing. Home podge the same way where like this is its first holiday season so they can. They can they want, but it's like if doing it on a plan then like next next fall feels like a nice thing to have an event. I think even the home, like a little price stroke because nice. Bump out for the holidays, like the softwares in good in relatively good shape. Now with two in recent times and speak offense stuff, which I love it, but it does seem expensive for the offering that that is if they give little price drop. That'd be nice. I think that probably not going to do airports case into the app house. It happens. And that definitely won't be an apples to this full like other companies different really Klopp to how good they like the less battery life. And people still believe like mass. The heap saying every, like they say, okay, the wearables going mad light. Languishing around by note releasing day update mos- so they can just carry on selling through the holiday season has without much issue this week night. If I MAC, happy hour is sponsored by tex- expand or from smile, simply put techs expand or helps you communicate smarter..

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