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Back one hundred percent and then they'll be ready to make their move all right nick no Kevin Durant Claes not coming back for a while at least you still think and are you buying the warriors missile being the mix for a championship no not for a championship I they will. I think Vegas has about right ninth. I think it'll be two or three teams in the east that have more wins than than Milwaukee Philadelphia and then we'll see what the WHO third-best team in the east as if durant comes back early whomever and five or six teams in the West that will be better than them now by the end of the year assuming Claes back could be an incredibly dangerous first round opponent for any of those top teams in the West. Absolutely we do our step clay draymond still a four as formal formidable trio as anyone that has in the N._B._A.. Shore but the reason they didn't win the title last year in addition to injuries was the slow <music> decay of their defense and that defense is going to be even worse this year over the last five years. Here's the warriors ranks offensively one one one one one okay. Here's the ranks defensively one four to eight eight ten. You saw the year before this. The defense lag a bit. Maybe it was just because they had coasted to a championship the year before they weren't as locked in they were able to ratchet up in the playoffs this year they weren't able to ratchet up in the regular season or the playoffs except for moments that Stevens not going to be better with Igwe gone with with de Ngelo Russell out there with Klay Thompson when he comes back not being able to move laterally as well as we'd seen him in the past so this can be dangerous team but not a championship team and that's assuming by the way the personalities work well in the locker room which with the Angela making twenty seven million and drain on making eighteen. I'm not certain of that component either. I got a lot of respect for Michael Thompson in two men I I used to watch him in college when his University of Minnesota as to where this because he's from the Bahamas he used to wear this like beaded necklace when he was playing they allow them to wear that but this is a father talking about his son all right. There's no when you look at that the historic doric how good they were historically offensively and defensively it's just wasn't all these guys out there pass and moving everything. This is one of the best collection of offensive defensive teams that we've seen and now all of a sudden they lost Kevin Kevin and Claes out in old. No we're just GONNA keep going. No it doesn't happen like this. This historic run is over with their chance of a championship is over until they get at least another player like they're not GonNa win a championship into the roster. Even I'll give Klay come back one hundred percent. They're still going to struggle with the defensive in they're going to struggle rebound into basketball. They're going to Struckmann. They're going to struggle with Steph. What position does he play when Klay comes back because he can't play off the ball because if you have altered guards on there too small like I don't believe in the West now with the competition you talking about them be tough out? All the teams are any team that makes it in the West is going to be tough so oh no the championship aspirations as far as I'm concerned are over finish short window for Golden State can't the warriors though hang their hat on the fact that member we talk last season how well they were actually playing when Katie was out whether they needed Katie we were having these conversations and they figured out a way to all step up. Maybe not complete what it's not that team anymore though well eventually Claes can not there but that's a big I know I mean that's the best plus minus of anyone on the wars this five year stretch Andrei Greg would all and now there's some noise in that rather than signal as far as who he was playing with winning was playing but he was incredibly important the postseason game six against the rock to Kevin Durant five of six from three Andrea with all his ability to guard the opposing team's best perimeter player like the that is important showing Livingston..

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