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Curfew now extended through Monday morning city wide and instead of nine o'clock it's now eleven o'clock starting tonight the Hamilton County health commissioner Greg Kester Mann says we are trending in the right direction on Colbert nineteen partially optimistic as we see case counts remain flat deaths remained flat and hospitalizations remained flat that we're doing a good job although that doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet we're still have a lot of work to do custom and says keep wearing a mask that goes for protesters as well if you are able to donate blood Hawksworth really need your help as hospitals have ramped up elective surgeries and other procedures that require transfusions in recent weeks the Hawksworth blood center and see their need for donations increase I need individual that they know their blood type if there are O. negative a positive a negative or be positive the comment as soon as they can they can call us at five one three four five one zero nine one zero they can also register online at Hawksworth dot org Lisa lifted with Hawksworth says they have opened additional hours at their area donor centers to help meet the neat brick you jato news radio seven hundred WLW update on the Garth Brooks concert planned for Paul Brown stadium on June twenty seven that's not going to happen on that date it's going to be rescheduled just don't know what the date is yet next president of Ohio State University will be Christina Johnson who was the chancellor at the state university of New York she takes over for the current president Michael Drake who is retiring after he took over in twenty fourteen Johnson takes office in early September a legendary college football coach and player is dead former Pitt and Tennessee coach Johnny majors died at the age of eighty five he led Pitt to an undefeated national championship season back in the seventies majors and went on to coach Tennessee worry stirred the volunteers two hundred and sixteen wins in sixteen seasons on Wall Street the Dow up five hundred and twenty seven points nasdaq up seventy five and the S..

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