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Oh, right wild. Look like you look like the what is it her name eternal, sunshine? It went from. To the what's the Edgar right movie that oh Ramona flower flowers, but then it went to wild style. And I was like, yes, I'll be a LEGO that day. But every time we interested in Liga movie too. I think. Larry, correct. The no spoilers. But there are some here. Here's happening motion. Picture tease teaser for you. So sorry. So how I was going to how does one how did you guys come up with the idea of doing a LEGO movie, and then executing it I mean? I'm thinking of the ideas is genius, right? They're executing it. The the Amon brothers had were and written a treatment for LEGO movie. We can't take credit for that and our producer. Dan Lin was trying to put something together. And then we met them. They were they were at Sony animation. What we're thinking cloudy, and they mentioned this thing. And we both said like that's pretty great idea. And they had the notion of you know, there would be a meta universe of some kind. And we like that's really clever, and we got really inspired by by the way, people use LEGO. As a filmmaking tool. Right. You can make a whole little set. And now it's on on you can literally make stop motion movie, and you're like garage at the time, you know, people were, you know, shooting them on film. And and you can they were just really the there was so many of them, and they were so clever with how they use different LEGO bricks to solve you know, what? Does a flower pot. Look like that. So we were really inspired by that. And we thought a what a neat thing you could use this big corporate enterprise. It's Warner Brothers and LEGO and they're going to work together to make a big summer movie. And what if we use that to talk about the democratization of storytelling? And and that was the thing that got us up in the morning. How do we make it look like a kid with infinite funding made the movie? Themselves. You know, we like to feel the fingerprints on the on the picture. So it was a really neat way to do that. And part of it was inspired by I my sister asked me to help my nephew make a pinewood derby car for the little progress. Thing. And I remember doing it with my dad, and we were like we had made the most era dynamic one possible. And they brought she was like just don't let them drill or saw anything or you. And just let them do what he wants to do. And he was like, okay. I see it as twenty about twenty inches tall with feathers and a helicopter blade and then at rocket front, and then googly eyes, and then a bunch of pipe cleaners go every direction, and I was like this is going to be a very slow very you're not gonna win the race. And he's like I don't care about that. And I was like why do I care about if he wants to make the craziest looking pinewood derby car ever, then I'm just going to help him do it. But for men I was like why why am I being a stick in the mud about this? And he made this thing that was absurd in an amazing. He was so proud of it, and it was like glitter, and and feathers, and it was the silliest looking thing you've ever sailed the wind tunnel tests. It was. But does he want to hang out with me? It's like we can always good. I think you would we named character. The movie after him fan, and and sort of like, oh, you know, in you know, there's a point in your life. When you when you are slowdown, your love of creativity and just expressing joy, and you start getting really practical and filled with shame and all this stuff. And we wanted to figure out a way to make movie that would would get people to leave the theater feeling more creative than when they when they went in it succeeds in that way. The key question keeps burning in my brain is how did you do it? Sure anything. But I watch it. And I say don't they do that?.

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