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Then most everyone has to live with some strange legacy from their parents lives snake he was pretty much born into confusion his dad and cape breton minor who loved jason reels and jazz but his mom nell jerry and blues singer who came to canada's stowaway in a pool hall and alex a somewhat peculiar life together being the gaelic and english excuse spoke only era they can french nick whale he grew up travels about the times of an electric guitar and one in bagpipe and the other playing both traditional music and pop music on either instrument kittens bars barnes perish all schoolrooms wherever anyone call for a tutor dance stake nationally spiked there were hobnail boots and kilt and legend says he wants slid a five day nonstop knowsley whiskey and peanut butter sandwich type session in which he didn't repeat one single solitary ten anyway rumor has it the snake ended up in waco texas playing in cowboy mars with country and western bagpipe dan others say they've seen him in a circus in louisiana plans pipes killed them all high above the audience and a death defying i warren so snake wherever you are wherever you're going this will help your where you came from.

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