Kurt Meyer, Iowa, NPR discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


About the response. I feel like I got a shockingly. Great answer. I was not prepared for how honesty was so I appreciate it very much him going into detail the way he did. And owning the inherent racism in the systems that I was asking about Donald tells me he likes Rourke, but he's far from picking a favorite many Democrats here feel the same way. There are still deciding house parties aren't just for Iowa's big population centers, we have to resort to every trick that we can that's Kurt Meyer. He knows a thing or two about hosting presidential house parties and his small town of Mona near the Minnesota border. He's been doing it. For years this cycle Mayer has even provided a bed to a couple of democratic candidates who stump in his living room. We have accommodations to put you up for the night and. That affords people an opportunity to not only get to know the candidate. But for us to get to know the candidate in a more informal setting and with nice weather in the months ahead. Expect many Democrats in Iowa to open their homes for candidates, so they can work to winnow one of the biggest fields Democrats have seen in recent history for NPR news. I'm Klay masters in Des Moines. This is NPR news. Good morning. It's nine thirty nine. You're listening to weaken addition on key.

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