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Us a low scoring fair. Here we go transition over the line comes Toronto faking. Good hit by Bryce weeding popping the Skillet off. Alec colette. And that will stop the play with to let helmet Lewis. I believe he's going to get a delay. Gameshow? Trying to fifteen minor penalty playing illegal equipment. Yeah. That's a penalty in the national Crossley. Johnny. Alex, tell it. Balto what he's trained to do. And he's not afraid, but we're not allowed to play with L your helmet serve to in the buffalo bait it's to go on their first power play of the evening as Toronto. Style deepest. It's very disciplined. They really keep themselves out of the box out of trouble last week prime for nine against the black wolves on the power play. Here's Dane Smith. Mix nick. Curry? Yeah. That's the hat trick for Corey small all three goals the amount of time that he's had the bonus stickers probably about one second again, a west to east Pete from Dade Smith gory small, Nick rose. You gotta come out. You gotta respect you. Gotta respect shot a date Smith, they correspond to speak it on the backside tape to tape one five or Nick rose can't get their it have a commanding five lead. No worries. Or stick being on tonight. Radio mentioned three goals. To last week. Against New England. Eight three buffalo was six minutes. Thirty seconds.

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