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I mean, the Raiders from here on out have to be careful that they make sure they're drafting guys who are and I think the term is choir boys. You know, guys who are straight laced and they're not going to struggle with the temptations of sin city. And Vegas. And if they love to party, don't send them to Miami. Don't send them to the Raiders. I mean, that's kind of that's really what's got to happen. Like naji Harris, they're running back in Pittsburgh. Would be a perfect fit in Las Vegas because he loves football loves to work. He's not going to do anything stupid. And unfortunately, Henry rugs and Damon arnett had done some stupid stuff and they're careers. It might be over. Probably, I would be shocked at both of them make a made now, ultimate a rodent with a question on page run ultimate a said this. Hi Zack, the Raiders released Damon arnett today, which means the only other high quality pick that the Raiders got from the bears for a Khalil Mac in the trade is running back Josh Jacobs. Obviously Gruden made this trade and isn't here anymore. But I can't help but feel like the Khalil Mack trade is a lot like some of the trades that occurred under the Bill O'Brien's late Bill O'Brien's tenure. As a Texans head coach, notably with down to rehab, kids and Laramie tunsil. Looking at these trades and considering you did a quote redraft of the Giants, would you say there was a combination of traffic by the Raiders that they could have made up for losing climax? What players could they have picked with those picks instead of who they actually picked? Use the power of Zach from the future. So I want to talk about three picks the Raiders have made that did not work out. In 2019, they drafted defensive end at a Clemson. Cleveland Ferrell. Number four overall, and boy. They overdrafted him, and he did not pan out at all..

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