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Vocal bomb and today. We've got a classic episode for You about the GIN and tonic. Which is one of my very favorite both drinks and episode, because it has one of my favorite cocktail facts about cocktails that I probably of this backs the many facts. We've learned throughout this journey. It's one of the ones I use the most. That probably annoys my friends because they've heard it before and every time I'm like. Did you know malaria in the tonic insert story? Yeah. It's well. It's a good story Yeah, this. This is a very early episode back from a twenty seventeen and Yeah, yeah I. I usually don't drink gin and tonic. It's kind of like a treat for me I. I try to avoid sweetened sodas in in my cocktails. I'm more likely to order a Jenin Soda. Probably probably with some bidders in it, but and it is agenda tonic is is delicious. It's so shing. and I I know we've talked about it before, but I was. Jan is one of my favorite. Alcohol's now. It took me so long. Come to gin and tonic, I know it has are at least my friends. Tell me as a reputation as an old drink. But I never had that association with it and I didn't come along until fairly recently. And I just I adore it's. An and I know we've also said before, but we. From this episode we got to do two videos, not one but two. We got to make Gen with old fourth distillery. Our friends over at old fourth distillery and we got to have a nine am. Eight hundred twenty one bidders. Yeah, yeah, it was both were incredibly delightful. Those videos are still available I believe on Youtube and Other places as well. Maybe yes. And Oh, it was. It was really spectacular. Get both both processes not just the the having cocktails at nine am part. Of the way, no, no! It was fine. It was fine eighteen twenty one bidders is is shipping by the way, and they do really spectacular I'm not sure at the last time I checked. They're tonic. Syrup was sold out but yeah. Oh, they do a great great line, a better, really beautiful stuff. Yeah in the tonic, Syrup is amazing. It's so good and really really just increases year your capacity to put that that Queen Flavor into various other things. But yeah. The the GIN and tonic in general has been seeing a bit of popularity right now. especially in canned form like even outside of the United Kingdom. Off I know a canned cocktails in general are rising in popularity, especially in the US and Japan I'm sure you've seen all of those Seltzer which I am still a little bit perturbed by but that's that's okay. apparently after an episode of fleabag aired that featured leading characters, drinking canned gin and tonics, specifically from marks and Spencer marks and Spencer, GIN and tonic sales spiked twenty four percent. That's excellent. I love that I must have this experience. Immediately. Right Oh it's beautiful and I'm also seeing a lot of buzz about pink gin and tonic out of the UK and Pink Gin being Amgen with Angusta bidders added. Pets, because there's also. At the many food festivals. We used to attend when that was a thing. Oh! Always always I think it was beef eater would be there, and they would have like a pink, just everything pink booth. And I guess it was for their Pink Gin, but I always assumed it was sort of A. Sort of is but yeah. I mean it turns a lovely color. Pink and pink has been very popular color these past few years so. I don't know they also hand out I have. Several a pink fanny packs from. because. They give them out at these events. So I am the most stylish. I'm so ready to spend summer being so stylish in my apartment. Everyone's GonNa Miss L. Pants. I demand instagram photos. Oh it's going to be. I'm going to be so happening I want let around to see any style corner. Yeah, yes. Oh and and also I. Guess I guess after eight that that Nestle brand that makes the little the little after dinner chocolate. Yeah they released a gin and tonic and mint flavor. I think in Germany, but the packaging is an English. I'm very confused Interesting Yeah I guess all that too seemed like it was well reviewed. I'm struggling to imagine meant going particularly well in that combination of flavors but But you know. I'm happy if people are happy. We always want that law when I did my cursory gin and tonic search. I think the two things that stood out to me. was. One this Australia distillery accidentally. Filled bottles of what was labeled as Jin with hand sanitizer. Oh no, but luckily it was all fine. no one was seriously injured, but one I think. ginge anchor lifter of review that said it was horrible. Oh No. Oh dear, yes, but it all corrected. It was fine, and then not gin and tonic related at all, but made me giggle. A result came up. That said Delta is introducing. Beer and wine flights which. I'm very curious about, but also interesting timing. But Hey. Want your beer flight on a flight. Okay? Yeah, yeah, well I did see that. Yeah, they're. They're opening. their opening backup, because for a while. They weren't doing any boost service or drinks service I think other than maybe bottled water on flights, and so I know that they're opening backup, not cocktails, but beer and wine on flights now. but Yeah I don't know..

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