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At Brett underscored Jetson, J NSCN, and also out there in the world of Facebook. All right. So we've been talking about a lot of things today, you know, financial situations. And apparently, maybe I got something wrong, and if I did, I sincerely apologize. Apparently, there's a an cause for inflation, adjustment or something like that, when it comes to this, but I can't imagine that it would be that significant amount of an adjustment that it would matter. One one little bit. But, but I got that wrong, I sincerely greatly apologize. Hopefully it won't be taken security for quite a while. So hopefully that's the case hopefully still around when I need it. That's the other thing of what's still around. All right. So talk about a lot of things today. So here's a couple of my favorites today. Twenty-five cups of coffee a day. First of all, who the hell is drinking twenty-five cups of coffee, a day Bouma drinks, twenty cups of coffee, a day drinks a lot. I know he does, but the new study just came out that said, if you love coffee in you drink up to twenty five cups a day. It's fun. It doesn't hurt your heart whatsoever. Caffeine is not bad for you. This research was done by the British heart foundation. So this isn't some like done by the Java corporation. Right. This is done by the British heart foundation and they looked at the cardio scans of over eight thousand people, and they found no increased stiffness in the arteries for people who drink a lot of coffee. Right. And so it says look all this, the saying drinking coffee can be bad for your heart. That's not true. They're saying it's not true, the British heart foundation and also know that coincides with this big massive. Study that was done here locally with, like fifty seventy thousand people of a twenty five year, span, they found the people who lived the longest live the longest this is like started like thirty years ago, the people who live the longest and they start I think people if you had to be fifty years old, I think is what it was. At least fifty sixty and people who live the longest on average had one or two alcoholic drinks a day, didn't matter if it was why people used to think it had to be read, one because France has the lowest rate of heart disease in the world. But it turned out any alcohol, it could be two beers. A day. It could be in a couple of scotch and waters day. Two glasses of wine, people who live the longest drink alcohol on average two causes a day. Had caffeine on average, at least one Cup of coffee or tea or whatever had caffeine, and then, of course, like exercise on a semi regular basis like walked a lot or whatever not necessarily like hitting the gym, but new walking whatever kept active I should say an active lifestyle, so that sort of goes along with this. But now this is twenty five cups of coffee. You're good. Now they're not saying like you should be drinking twenty-five. Let me tell you the fight drink twenty-five cups of coffee. I'd be dead, because I wouldn't go to sleep. And I think after like seventy two hours of no sleep, you can like die or something like that. Like actual sleep deprivation. It's like it's not very long. If you go four days in a row, without sleep five zero like you can I think you can actually die. I think think that's what I remember. But I I'm not a big coffee guy. Now. Look, I drink my caffeine. I'll drink my zeros, and I'll do my, my t never been a big coffee guy. I'll do coffee. In the winter in the afternoon on a Friday or a cappuccino after dinner from like, really tired. And I don't have to work the next day because if I do an afternoon coffee or night, coffee dude, I'm up till two in the morning. If I did a coffee right now. I might as well not even go to sleep tried to go because I'm going to get like two ours asleep might as well just might as well. Stay up while we'll stay up. Some other news concerning your health. Some pretty good news about the battle of breast cancer. A new drug is boosting to survival rates for younger women. The what women who have breast cancer that are a lot younger and it's boosting the survival rate by thirty percent. I'm going to try and pronounce this. Well, actually, maybe I should just because it's kind of funny me trying to pronounce this. Ribose cyclic recyclable. And this one I'm going to say, I think that's what it is. So this new drug riba cycle it. When paired with homework therapy resulted in a seventy percent survival rate after three and a half years, which is about a thirty percent increase for women with breast cancer. And researchers are saying, like, look, this is a massive massive breakthrough in the treatment of breast cancer for younger premenopausal, women. Okay. Now advanced breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for women between the ages of twenty and fifty nine which I did not know that. I did not know that I thought it was other cancers because I know the survival rate of breast cancer is something like eighty five percent. I mean, it's, it's pretty high because now even know the gene, that causes breast cancer, and that's like an engine Lena. Jolie had the gene. And so she had a double mistake to me, even though she didn't have the cancer, just because she had the gene, which caused it. And so, yeah. All right. Let's see what we got here. TJ. Okay. So I knew okay. So TJ correct male so TJ just pulled this up. How long can you go without sleep? So this is the record. Sivy about the average. See all okay. Okay. So it says after three or four nights without sleep, you can start to hallucinate. And prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to cognitive, impairments, irritability, delusions, paranoia, and psychosis. Yeah. Says even after a full twenty four hours your body. It can affect your body and so, but this is the longest ever is eleven consecutive days. Eleven consecutive days, right? Yeah. I don't know. But seventy two hours after three or four days like you're, you're done. You start hallucinating. Like for like a lot of you out there and the artist. It'd be like reliving, the nineteen sixties all over again. Right. When? And acid were the thing before became illegal. But no, it's kind of cool. So no. But that's really great about for you. Women out there, the ages of fifty nine. This new drug increases your thirty percent, which is huge your rate of survival, right? Like I said, I mean Angelina Jolie had a double Masek Demy and didn't even have breast cancer. She did it just because she had the gene and, you know, wanted to be ahead of the situation in case heaven go through chemotherapy or possible in any delta earns that might happen, and then real quick. China. Into this whole trade war with China thing, try China's signaling that it's willing to talk trade talks again, in the trade because we as I sit there and told you a couple of weeks ago, the Chinese economy is much more unstable than the American Connie and a prolonged trade war would hurt China much, much more than it would hurt America much more all the financial experts were telling you this. And now China saying, hey, look, we're willing to return to trade talks all. Yeah. And this is what's happening now doesn't mean that it's necessarily going to be fixed. But at least they're saying, hey, we want we want to resume trade talks, I speak, and that's huge. And like we said a couple of weeks ago all the financial experts said a prolonged trade war would hurt China much, much more than it would America. Let's go to the WBZ newsroom with Mike Doyle. A federal judge has ruled that a law prohibiting interstate. Wagering.

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