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After the CDC's vaccine advisers voted unanimously to recommend booster shots of both Pfizer and Moderna's vaccines The boosters are now approved for all adults 6 months after they have received their first two doses The CDC strongly encourages older folks and people with underlying medical conditions to get their boosters before the holiday season I'm Bryan shook It Wisconsin jury found Kyle rittenhouse not guilty on all charges in his double homicide trial written house remained still and emotionless as the verdict was read on Friday the 18 year old had maintained his innocence claiming he killed two men and injured a third and self defense last year during social justice protest in Kenosha The prosecution claimed rittenhouse went to the city to provoke violence A report says the defendant and the Ahmad Arbery trial in Georgia tried to make a plea deal CBS News reported Friday the request came from attorneys for William roddy Bryan Brian was the man who admitted to pursuing Arbery with his vehicle and filmed the fatal shooting His attorney said the prosecution turned it down flat out This comes a day after defense lawyers rested their cases after calling on 7 witnesses Brian Travis mcmichael and his father Greg who were all white are accused of killing Arbery who is black in February of 2020 in Brunswick Georgia and three students are in the hospital after a shooting in the parking lot of a Colorado high school police say a school resource officer at hinckley high school in aurora responded to the shooting Friday afternoon and returned fire The officer also applied a tourniquet to one of the victims who was shot I'm Jim Forbes The Tiger king is no longer in Texas Joe Exotic has been transferred from a federal prison in Fort Worth to a federal medical center in North Carolina a social media account run by Joseph Maldonado passages attorney claims he has been diagnosed with cancer the transfer is reportedly part of the treatment the butler correctional complex was home to a number of celebrity inmates including the late Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff It was earlier this week that a second season of Tiger king made its debut on Netflix The Tampa Bay Area is set to say goodbye to one of its most iconic figures More now from Reed shepherd whither the dolphin died last week from a gastrointestinal infection She was best known as the inspiration and star of the film dolphin tale which depicted her struggle with a prosthetic tail Kelly Martin is the vice president of zoological services Clearwater marine aquarium If you own a pet you have a child If you have a loved one we loved her exactly the same way The aquarium will launch a 5 day celebration of life for winter this weekend celebration will feature visual tributes including the original footage of winner's rescue I'm Reed shepherd And federal officials have named a party in interest related to the recent oil leak off the coast of Orange County California Coast guard and NTSB officials boarded the motor vessel Beijing Thursday in the port of Long Beach investigators say the vessel was involved in a January 25th anchor dragging incident during a heavy weather event The incident occurred in close proximity to a subsea pipeline which was later discovered to be the source of the October Orange County oil spill The designation of party and interest allows the ship's owners and operators to retain council to examine and cross examine witnesses and to call witnesses who are relevant to the investigation And.

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